Paul y Pablo

photo-8I joined the 11:45amers, led by Coach Emily, and completed today’s programmed partner WOD, well, solo. I discovered something interesting…

Time goes by more quickly when I count in Spanish.

The WOD as prescribed:

Partner WOD
In teams of 2 (or 3)
32-minute AMRAP
15 per partner medicine ball clean and throws (20)
15 per partner weighted air squats (45)
15 per partner Abmat medicine ball sit-ups (30)
6 per partner handstand pushups

Rest minutes 10 & 21

I had planned on completing 15 reps of med call cleans, air squats, and sit-ups, and 6 HSPUs. But I didn’t. I completed 30 reps of  or everything but HSPUs, and, yes, I completed 12 reps of those

To make things more realistic and challenging, for the medicine ball clean and throws I would indeed throw the ball, sprint 6 feet, complete a medicine ball clean, throw the ball 6 feet, lather, rinse, and repeat. I completed all rounds unbroken.

The medicine ball cleans were miserable. The weighted air squats made the medicine ball cleans seem like a walk in the park. While I didn’t put down the 45# plate, I did occasionally shake out my legs.

I wasn’t about the throw the medicine ball for sit-ups, so I used a 30# medicine ball. This was the easiest of the activities, and I completed all rounds unbroken.

Even though I had completed a shitload of HSPUs Sunday, this activity went very well, and I had no missed reps. I began each round with a minimum of 6 unbroken reps and never had to do singles. Yay!

So, about counting en Espanol…

One of newest members, Katchu, speaks — and counts out loud — in French. I don’t speak French, so I began to count — out loud — in Spanish. “Veintiocho, veintinueve, treinta!” I did speak in a Castilian accent, because, you know, when in Spain.

I completed 4 rounds + 27 medicine ball clean & throws.

That’s 147 medicine ball clean & throws, 120 weighted air squats & weighted sit-ups, and 48 HSPUs. I good time was had by most!

Exciting news: CrossFit Surmount is doubling in size, and the wall has begun to come down!

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