I’m a lover not a fighter.

photoI clicked the link for the CrossFit Surmount WOD blog this morning only to realize that I had posted a blog intended for this site. Oops. I deleted and now can’t recover. It went something like the following:

I woke up from a nap and realized that I had completed 3 reps of HBBS @ 70, 90, & 90 instead of 75, 85, & 95% of 1RM. I worked out with the 5:15 athletes, led by Coach Liz. I successfully lifted reps @ 180, 200, & 225#.

And something about my having a shapely ass.

Going on.

I worked out with Kelly-May today at 11:45, and the session was led by the always delightful Coach Emily.

4, 5-minute rounds; rest 1 minute between rounds (23 minutes total)

— Power snatches (75)
— Chest to bar pull-ups
— Thrusters (75)
— Burpees
— Wall ball shots (20 & 10′)

This workout has the same format as “Fight Gone Bad.” Complete as many reps as possible for each 5-minute round, resting 1 minute between rounds. The clock does not reset or stop between activities. On call of “rotate,” immediately move to next activity. One point is given for each rep.

Gah! This was tough. My goal was to decrease by no more than 1o reps from first to last round. Not surprisingly, power snatches went well. Also not surprisingly, I was only able to keep a running count of reps, and thus don’t know how many pull-ups, thrusters, burpees, or wall ball shots I completed each round. I do recall completing 15, 13, 13, & 12 power snatches.

Thrusters were the most challenging. I did, however, focus on wrist extension, and that helped tremendously.

I completed 73, 68, 66, & 64 reps for a total of 271.

I certainly wasn’t at the top of my game today, and I almost stopped after completing the 3rd round.

A few things to note:

  • I glanced at the clock quite frequently so as to ensure that I didn’t rest too long as well as to ensure that I was working the last 10 seconds of each 1-minute round. This was to build and keep momentum.
  • Burpees sucked. That’s unusual.
  • Chest to bar pull-ups were the easiest of the 5 activities. That’s unusual.
  • Ending each round with wall ball shots was miserable. Miserable. That was worth repeating.
  • I achieved my goal, and was quite pleased that I was able to continue completing just 5, 2, & 2 fewer reps as compared to previous round.
  • I can’t seem to get excited about the Winter Olympics.
  • Clay Aiken is running for Congress.
  • My glutes aren’t sore.



“Wilmot” redux

Yesterday I coached the 6, 8:30, and 11:45 am and 3, 4, 5:15, 6:30, and 7:30 (Barbel Club) pm sessions. I worked out at 9:30. Mondays are exhausting — and that’s okay!

I’m was still somewhat sore from skiing and Sunday’s workout, so I didn’t expect a stellar performance. One has to know one’s limits.

Power snatch
5 reps @ 70, 80, & 90% of 1RM

I’m a week behind. I lifted 75, 85, and 95#, focusing on form and recording all lifts.

Hero WOD “Wilmot”
50 air squats
25 ring dips

I completed this workout just a few months ago, and things went slightly better then. My goal was to complete all rounds of air squats unbroken, and I achieved that goal. Ring dips, however, didn’t go as well as they have in the past. Maybe because of the wall crawls, rope climbs, and farmer’s carries? Or maybe not. The ring dips were challenging, and by the last round I was completing 1 at a time. Gah!

Time = 16:24

Uhm, yeah, so Glenda was the only athlete to attend the 11:45 am session today. Huh? There are usually quite a few people at the session. I was nonetheless delighted to have the opportunity to work out with Glenda. We had a tremendous amount of fun, and you should all be jealous. Yes, I’m talking to you.

High bar back squat
3 reps @ 75, 85, & 95% of 1RM

Glenda and I took turns lifting, and it was very nice to have an individual confirming that my form was correct. I completed sets @ 160, 190, & 210#. Lifts felt surpassingly “light”, and I was pleased that I didn’t struggle with any of the 3 reps at 95%.

I also joined Glenda for the metcon, and I do believe that she was relieved (if that’s the right word) that I did.

6-min AMRAP
10 power presses (45)
Walking lunges from grey wall to blue and back

Rest 2 minutes

6-min AMRAP
10 box jumps (24)
10 Abmat box sit-ups 

Score = total number of reps. Each round is worth 10 points, i.e., walking lunges from blue wall to grey wall and back is worth 10 points.

While not the most challenging workout, it was nonetheless a good workout. I did work up a sweat! I completed 8 rounds of 15 reps (1o power presses and lunges to gray wall) and then 8 rounds + 4 reps (box jumps) for a total of 16 + 19.

I had mistakenly left stack of poker chips by barbell, and after completing first round of box jumps and sit-ups and had to run and retrieve. If I hadn’t had to do so, perhaps I would’ve completed another rep for a score of 17.


If only I had someone to blame…

Pineapple right-side-up cake

Ah, CrossFit Surmount, how I missed you…

I worked out solo this afternoon, completing today’s programmed WOD. I had no predetermined strategy, as there are times when it’s best just to go based upon feeling. I should’ve, however, thought through the math. I listed all activities and reps/distance and kept track of completed reps/distance as I progressed.

10 rope climbs
25 wall climbs
50 bent over rows (95)
75 weighted jumping squats (45)
800m farmer’s carry (52/hand)
2000m row

You may complete in any order and may divide work as desired. For rowers and ropes, first come first served. Do NOT drop KBs on the ground. You are allowed one (1) barbell only. You must use barbell for weighted jumping air squats, i.e., you may not use plates, DBs, KBs, etc.

I began with a 500m row, as that’s always a good way to warm up.

I completed ropes climbs in no fewer than 2 and no more than 3 climbs, wall climbs (more in a moment) in reps of 5, and bent over rows in reps of 10.

I stripped the bar of the 25# plates after completing bent over rows and then completed weighted jumping air squats in no fewer than 10 and no more than 25 reps.

I completed what I thought were 2, 400m farmer’s carries. Uhm, yeah, so it was only 2, 200m carries. Again, more in a moment.

I finished rows in rounds of 500, 250, 500, & 250m, finishing with a row. Or so I thought. Read on.

First, about the wall crawls. I had consumed a piece of pineapple upside-down cake just prior to working out. Big mistake. I honestly thought I was going to hurl. Thank god that I have a very good gag reflex.

Okay, so upon finishing the row, I glanced at the clock and it read 29:12. But something didn’t seem right. It took me a while to realize that I had only carried the KBs 400m instead of 800m! Dammit. I then had to finish with 400m farmer’s carry. I began the farmer’s carry when the clock read 30 minutes.

My finishing time, including the 48 seconds of rest, was 35:51. Fastest time of the day. Yup, I’m that guy.


Hey, wood!

What a wonderful day! Jeff and I attended the 10am session at CrossFit Haywood, led by owner and coach Brandon. The class got off to a late start, as the box is having a nutrition challenge. Today’s WODs were part of the challenge. Okay, I’ll go ahead and say it now: the WODs weren’t very challenging. And that’s okay, because I’m on vacation.

Brandon led us through a thorough warmup, demonstrated movement standards, and explained scoring. He said, “If you’re not doing the WOD as Rx, make sure you note on the board. For example, if you can’t do the prescribed weight for shoulder to overhead, that’s okay. Just note it.” I thought, “If the weight is 125 or less I’ll complete as prescribed.”

The weight was 45#, i.e., the bar.

— Run 400m
— 40 air squats
— 30 sit-ups
— 20 pushups
— 10 pull-ups

It was a crowded start, and I had to begin by maneuvering around some parked cars. Once I began, though, I took and kept the lead. I honestly held back my pace, because I don’t always want to be “that guy”. Dammit. I was nonetheless “that guy”.

I completed the remaining activities in unbroken reps. The clock was broken (I didn’t realize), so after having completing pull-ups I paused for a moment or two and then called “Time!” Brandon looked at his watch and said, “Time is 4:09.”

I patiently waited for the others to finish the WOD. Jeff was the second person to do so.

5-min AMRAP
— 10 shoulder to overhead, 45# barbell
— 10′ broad jumps
— 10′ walking lunges

I completed the first 4 rounds of strict presses and the remaining rounds as push presses. I completed 7 rounds + 10 shoulder to overhead + 10′ broad jumps.

So, I worked out for less than 10 minutes. I hadn’t even broken out into a sweat.

Jeff and I returned to the mountain house, had breakfast at a country diner, and then went skiing! It was unseasonably warm, and the parking lot was a muddy mess. The snow was perfect, and I skiied sans hat or gloves. Yup, it was that warm. French fries, pizza.