I don’t have a square to spare.

photo-11I worked out with the 11:45 athletes, led by Coach Emily, and completed today’s programmed WOD. It was fun!

Power snatch
5 @ 40, 50, & 60% of 1RM

Lifts at 45, 55, & 65# felt incredibly light. I’m beginning to really “feel” the slow lift-off and scoop around the knees. Kewl.

EMOTM for 10 minutes
Complete 5 bent over rows odd-numbered minutes (85/53)
Complete 5 stiff-legged dead-lifts even-numbered minutes
Complete maximum number of burpees in remaining time of each minute

Score = total number of burpees

Rest 2 minutes

Run 800m
Rest 1 minute
Run 400m
Rest 1 minute
Run 200m

Score = total time

As this is de-load week, I’ve programmed WODs that, while challenging, aren’t so difficult that people can’t complete and/or easily recover from. For example, 85# bent over rows and stiff-legged dead-lifts felt very light, and I was able to complete rapidly. Yay, as this left time for burpees! I set up station by pull-up rig and touched bar 6″ above highest reach. Yup, I did that.

I counted all reps, including rows and dead-lifts, and once I reached 50 I began to count from 1. See what I did there? I’m kinda brilliant when it comes to math.

My goal was to complete 125 burpees, and I completed 133, or about 13 burpees per round.

I was quite winded, and the 2-minute rest before running was just barely enough time. Good.

My goal was to complete the 1400m in 5 minutes, i.e., finish in less than 7 minutes. See what I did there? That’s called “math”.

The clock counted down from 10 and we were off. Jaclyn and Patrick were on my heels from the start, and I heard Patrick say, “If I can keep Paul in my sights I know I’m doing okay.”

The first 4oom was miserable. Yes, miserable. The next 400m was worse in that we were running into a headwind as soon as we made the turnaround at 400m. Jaclyn, Patrick, and I all gasped audibly as soon as we turned around. I ran 400m in 2:55, or a 5:50.mile pace. Not bad for a non-runner. I ran 400m in 1:32 and the last 2oom in :37. Wow, just a second to spare.

Total time = 6:59.

Like a light-switch.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 3.00.09 PMWe saw “Book of Mormon” at DPAC last night, and it was once again and incredible experience! I can’t stop singing the tunes. I believe!

Today’s WOD was indeed a Sunday Challenge! I joined the 9:45 athletes and Coach Jeff led the session.

Row for calories | bodyweight x .5/.4
Dead-lifts | bodyweight x 100/80
Cleans | bodyweight x 50/40
Overhead squats | bodyweight x 35/28
Wall ball shots | bodyweight x 10/8


  • You are allowed 1 barbell.
  • The barbell must begin from the floor (unless approved by coach).
  • It is up to you to determine the weight of lifts. The weight of the lifts will determine the number of required reps.
  • You may complete activities in any order.
  • You need not complete any activity before completing reps of another activity or rowing.

* To determine reps for pushups
75 – 150# | bodyweight x .75/.6
151 – 200# | bodyweight x .6/.5
> 200# | bodyweight x .45/.4

To somewhat level the playing fields, I rounded up my bodyweight to 145#. I created a nifty spreadsheet and recorded reps in notebook. I had no set plan in place in that I hadn’t determined what activity I would do first, second, third, etc., or how many reps of activities I would complete per round. For workouts like this, I like to complete based upon performance and feeling.

While I did want to row first, 6 folks had claimed the rowers. I began with pushups and ended with OHS. I usually completed lifts, wall ball shots, and pushups in sets of 10 reps and rowed 15 calories at a time. I also usually completed lifts in reverse order than completed the previous round. For example, I completed 10 OHS, cleans, and dead-lifts and then 10 dead-lifts, cleans, and OHS. I used a pair of 45, 15, & 10# plates.

Uhm, changing weights was a welcome relief.

Rowing a mere 15 calories was also a welcome relief, as were pushups. I completed between 10 and 15 unbroken pushups each time, between 10 and 13 unbroken wall balls, between 5 and 15 unbroken cleans, between 8 and 10 unbroken dead-lifts, and between 10 and 18 unbroken OHS. Yup, I finished the workout by completed 18 unbroken OHS. That’s progress!

Dead-lifts at 185# felt incredibly light, 95# cleans were just right, and, quite surprisingly, 75# OHS felt very light. I also easily power snatched 75#.

I completed the workout in 49:10. I was a heavy, grunting, sweaty mess when all was said and done. This workout was an incredible amount of fun!

1559466_10151956238467196_242644182_o 1619545_10151956237642196_1473010907_n

No mo’ cabin fever…

Yours truly coaching Community WOD.
Yours truly coaching Community WOD.

It’s sometimes difficult to get in a workout when you own a box. Seriously. I rested Thursday and Friday, although I did take Luke for 2-mile walks through the crunchy snow both days.

I worked out with the 8:30 athletes today, as Jeff was once again kind enough to coach. Today’s WOD was “Deck of Cards”.

“Deck of Cards”

We will begin with a shuffled deck. The coach will flip a card, and then announce the suit and value. Complete the required activity and reps.

Option A

♥ | Floor press (95/73)
♦ | Chest to bar pull-up
♣ | Toes to bar
♠ | Box jump (30/24)
Joker | 10, 6-count burpees

Option B

♥ | Floor press (85/63)
♦ | Pull-up
♣ | Knees to elbows
♠ | Box jump (24/20)
Joker | 10 burpees

Option C

♥ | Floor press (75/53)
♦ | Ring row
♣ | Abmat sit-up
♠ | Box step-ups (20/17)
Joker | 10 burpess

Time cap: 50 minutes

Note: Complete 10 reps for face cards, i.e., Jack, Queen, & King.

It should come as no surprise that I completed Option A. Two days of rest may have been just what I needed, as I felt very strong today.

Uhm, coach Jeff got a little confused and called out 10 reps instead of 1 when an Ace was drawn. Oh and he did this twice.

10 fp
1 fp
10 bj
4 fp
10 fp
2 bj
10 t2b
4 bj
1 c2b
8 c2b
7 c2b
9 bj
5 t2b
10 bj
2 c2b
8 t2b
8 t2b
9 t2b
3 c2b
8 fp
8 bj
3 fp
10 c2b
10 burpees
9 fp
4 c2b
5 bj
4 t2b
6 t2b
10 t2b
10 c2b
10 burpees
5 c2b
6 fp
10 burpees
7 bj
10 fp
10 burpees
7 t2b
10 bj
10 c2b
5 fp
10 t2b
10 t2b
9 c2b
7 fp
10 c2b
10 bj
10 t2b
2 t2b
2 fp
10 bj
6 bj
10 fp
6 c2b

Whew! Ninety-five pound floor presses felt incredibly light, and I completed all rounds unbroken. I often completed rounds of chest to bar pull-ups unbroken, although I did have to break up sets as time passed. Toes to bar went better than expected, and while I did complete many singles I was nonetheless able to complete sets of unbroken kipping toes to bar even near the end of the workout.

I missed 1 box jump, but didn’t hurt myself doing so. That was a relief! I focused on keeping up a manageable pace.

In order from least to most difficult: floor press, chest to bar pull-ups, toes to bar, and box jumps.

That’s 40 burpees, 85 reps of floor press and chest to bar pull-ups, and 94 reps of toes to bar and box jumps. See what Jeff did there? I had to do more reps of the 2 most difficult activities.

Time = 28:23

Danielle and Doreen crushed me like a tiny little bug.



177210_10151950595527196_2147155598_oI worked out at 7:45 yesterday morning, and it was, well, tough…

Rotate through the following 5 activities 3 or 4 times
Work for 90 seconds; rest for 30 seconds

Ring dips
Abmat sit-ups
Abmat back extensions
Front squats (85/53)
Ring rows

Ring dips
Abmat or GHD sit-ups
Abmat or GHD back extensions
Front squats (95/63)
Ring rows or pull-ups

Muscle ups
GHD sit-ups
GHD back extensions
Front squats (105/73)

You may choose to complete 3 or 4 rounds, i.e., work for 30 or 40 minutes.

I can tell that I need a rest day. I completed a muscle up as a warm up and then decided for option B. I had mistakenly put 105# on the barbell, though. Dammit.

I completed ring dips in reps of 26, 21, & 24 (71). Why just 21 the second round? Because I attempted a few muscle-ups. While I did complete 2, I didn’t count as reps. I instead transitioned back to ring dips.

GHD sit-ups went well, and I began each round with a set of 1o reps, completing 30, 31, & 30 reps (91). GHD back extensions went even better, and I completed 32, 35, & 35 reps (102), usually completing 5 reps at a time.

Front squats are completed GHD back extensions were a miserable experience. Miserable. Particularly the first round at 105#. I completed 20, 27, & 28 reps (75). Pull-ups also went well, and I completed as many as 10 unbroken reps, completing 26, 27, & 28 reps 81).

Total = 420

Coach Emily led the 11:45 session yesterday, and I decided to go another 3 rounds, albeit modified. No more GHD for me! I recorded reps in notebook, but neglected to take a pic (and I’m not making a trip to CrossFit Surmount to retrieve). Reps are an estimate.

Ring dips
Abmat or GHD sit-ups
Abmat or GHD back extensions
Front squats (95/63)
Ring rows or pull-ups

I completed many more ring dips this time around, and as many as 30 (the first round). I completed in no more than 5 reps so as to rest shoulders. I completed about 47 Abmat sit-ups and between 82 and 90 back extensions a round. Front squats went much better than earlier in the day as well. Why? Because I hadn’t just completed GHD back extensions. (And perhaps because I was facing the rest of the athletes and got a little competitive.) I completed no more than 10 reps before dropping the bar. Dropping the bar like it was hot.

While I did complete ring rows instead of pull-ups, I did so with feet on 20″ box. Angie and J-No confirmed that I was slightly below parallel. I completed ring rows in no more than 5 reps, and usually completed about 30 a round.

My score was six hundred and forty something.

It had begun snowing heavily, and Coach Emily informed us of this after we had completed the third round. While Felicia and Angie wanted to complete a fourth round, I insisted that we all head home.

And I’m glad that I did. The driving conditions were treacherous. And drivers were idiots. I saw 4 fender benders in a half mile stretch of road. By the time I finally pulled into the garage, my heart was pounding and my knees were shaking. Whew!

Luke has his own Facebook page. He’s famous.

Be the bear…

Yesterday I worked out at 7. May, Deborah, Tami, and Julie (if I recall) had the pleasure of watching the last tabata or two. Lucky women.

Power snatch
5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
AMRAP @ 95%

5 @ 80, 3 @ 90, & 5 @ 100#. I struggled with snatches today. As I do most days?

4 Tabatas (rest 1 minute between tabatas; 19 minutes total)
— Slam balls
— Power presses (65% of snatch 1RM)
— Plank hold
— Power snatches (65% of snatch 1RM)

Wow, that was tough. I used the 30# slam ball and completed 11 reps each round. Not overly challenging but certainly exhausting. 88 reps.

I used 75#, 70% of power snatch 1RM, and completed 11 reps the first 2 rounds, 9 the third round, and 7 the remaining rounds. Ouch. During the rounds of 7 I dropped the bar during the 20-second interval. 59 reps.

Plank holds were a welcome relief. I easily held all 8 rounds for 20 seconds. 160 reps.

Power snatches were a bitch. I completed 6 reps the first 3 rounds, 5 reps rounds 4 through 7, and 4 reps the last round. Dammit. 42 reps.

Total = 349 reps.

I was a sweating, blathering, swearing mess when all was said and done. I’m surprised that the 8:30 athletes didn’t leave.

I worked out today at 10:45. I was really looking forward to high bar back squats!

High bar back squat
5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
AMRAP @ 95%

I completed 5 reps @ 175, 3 @ 200, & 6 @ 225#. While I could’ve completed an additional rep or 2, I was pleased with form. Yup, I recorded and reviewed.

— 14 wall ball shots
— Bear crawl from blue wall to grey wall 2 times
— 14 box jumps
— Bear crawl from grey wall to blue wall 2 times

My goal was to complete in under 14 minutes. I settled on a 20# ball and 24″ box. An additional goal was to complete unbroken wall ball shots, bear crawls, and box jumps. I completed unbroken wall ball shots and bear crawls, but “missed” 5 box jumps, including the very last rep! Yup, I re-did all missed box jumps. Why is “missed” in quotes? Because I completely missed a box jump. I jumped and landed squarely in front on the box. How the hell did that happen?

While I was completing round 3 I noticed someone at the entry to the box. I looked up and discovered that it was Bonnie, the owner of 64 West Business Park. She and I had been playing phone tag, and she stopped by to talk. Just before starting a bear crawl I said, “I’m in the middle of a workout. I’ll stop by and talk with you in a few.” She replied, “Is this what you do?” “Yes,” I said. “Well then,” Bonnie said, “please be careful.”

Time = 13:53

I had but 7 seconds to spare. Whew, that was close!

Post-WOD sweat angel.
Post-WOD sweat angel.

Team DAPper!

1898125_617248075007184_1964648795_nYesterday was fun-filled, as I worked out at 6, coached at 8:30, installed the pull-up rig extension (with the help of Larry), coached at 11:45, unpacked new plates and rearranged equipment, and then coached from 3 until 7:30. There are days when it’s difficult to get in a workout…

While I did work out at 6, I didn’t feel warmed up enough to complete jerks. I’ll attempt to do so tomorrow or Monday. I did, however, complete the metcon.

Cash in or cash out*
— Row 250m or 100 double unders
Complete 25 reps of the following:
— Behind the neck push presses**
— Lateral bar hops
— Sumo dead-lift high pulls
— Lateral bar hops
— Squats***
— Lateral bar hops
— Alternating leg weighted lunges (forward or reverse)
— Lateral bar hops
Cash in or cash out
— Row 250m or 100 double unders

* If you cash in with rowing, cash out with double unders and vice versa.
** Prescribed weights listed below.
*** You may choose to complete any type of squat, e.g., front, high bar back, overhead.

Prescribed weights:
< 100# = 63#
100 – 150# = 75#
151 – 200# = 85#
> 200# = 95#

My only goal was to not have to drop the bar during any of the activities.

As the rowers had been claimed, I began with double unders. Things didn’t start off well, as I missed the 14th and 24th reps. I did, however, complete the last 76 reps unbroken, and finished double unders at the same time many had finished the 250m row.

Behind the neck push presses are ghastly. Lateral bar hops were a welcome relief. Sumo dead-lift high pulls presented the least challenge. Good. I completed high bar back squats and, surprisingly, front lunges with the bar in front rack position. My right wrist is feeling much better. Yay! Lunges were painfully miserable.

I managed to not have to drop the bar. Lateral bar hops continued to be a welcome relief throughout the workout. Rowing 250m felt exceedingly easy compared to the work that I had completed.

Time = 9:48.

Jeff was kind enough to coach the 8:30 workout this morning so that I could, well, work out.

Team WOD
In teams of 3 or 4

As many rounds, reps, and calories as possible in 40 minutes; rest minutes 10-11, 20-21, & 30-31 (37 minutes total work)
Teammates take turns rowing for calories. Non-rowing teammates complete 50 reps of the following, rotating through the activities:
— Medicine ball cleans (20/14)
— KB swings (52/35)
— Knees to elbows
— Dead-lifts (average body weight of all partners*)

Only 1 non-rowing teammate may work at a time, and may complete a maximum of 10 reps.

Rowing teammate may row a maximum of 50 calories at any one time.

Activities may only be completed as teammate rows. Teammates must rotate through rowing in the same order throughout workout.

At any time, rowing teammate may call “Switch!”, indicating that next teammate in order may begin rowing.

I asked, “Are there any folks who wouldn’t mind being in a team of 3?” Both Angelina and Deborah said they wouldn’t mind. I said, “Good, that means you’re on my team.” Ha!

My one and only goal was to not be a d!ck, as I often push teammates too hard. I wasn’t a d!ck today. I’m as surprised as all of you.

We rowed in alphabetical order, and usually completed 10 reps of any activity at a time. I completed 10 unbroken reps of all activities, and kept rowing strokes per minute to an average of 24.

Toes to bar was the easiest activity, and rowing was the most difficult if for no other reason than there was no rest. Dead-lifts at 150# were certainly manageable.

Angelina, Deborah, and I worked very well together, and we evenly divided the work and worked at about the same pace.

We also took an early lead and then kept that lead, completing more rounds than the teams of 4. I credit Angelina and Deborah.

We completed 39 dead-lifts of the 5th round. As each round was worth 200 pts, we scored 989 + 471 calories for a total of 1460.

Thanks for teaming with me, Angelina and Deborah! The time flew by, and I had a tremendous amount of fun.