Running blindly

I attended the 11:45 session at CrossFit Surmount led by the awesomeness that is Coach Emily. We completed the benchmark WOD “Kelly”.

Today’s WOD was programmed so that everyone could choose an option that was right for them. Thus, all athletes could complete the WOD as prescribed.


Run 400m
30 box jumps (24)
30 wall ball shots (20 & 10′)

I haven’t completed this benchmark in a long time, but I remember it all too well.  I last completed this WOD in November 2012 in a time of 26:28. I didn’t, however, look up this time prior to beginning today’s workout, as I suspected that my performance today would be less than stellar. Yup, my hamstrings are still sore. Dammit.

Emily did a great job of leading us through the warmup and preparing us for the workout. I was joined by Jaclyn, Glenda, Katherine, Stacy, and Katchu. I had no specific goals. My strategy was to pace myself and rest as needed.

The first 200m run was painful, as my left leg was throbbing due to still-healing cut. Dammit. The first box jump was no less painful. I thought, “Why don’t I ever take pain relievers?” But I know the answer to that question.

In fact, running was painful each and every round. During the last 3 rounds I found myself running with my eyes closed, if for no other reason than to not see how far I still needed to run.

I missed the 2nd box jump in that I rebounded but merely jumped in front of the box. ‘Twas purely psychological. I missed another box jump during the first round in that I didn’t fully extend before descending from box. I did a good job of quickly rebounding off of the floor for this and remaining rounds. I missed a total of 4 additional box jumps, all of which I re-did.

I completed the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round of wall ball shots in sets of 10 reps, the 4th in reps of 10, 10, 5, & 5, and the last in reps of 10, 7, 7, & 6. It was an exasperating experience. I missed a total of 4 wall ball shots. Yup, I re-did.

I finished the last wall ball shot and called time at 25:36. That’s a PR! That’s an average of 5:12 a round.

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