Kinda fast.

photo-1What a strange day…

I’m still sore from this past weekend’s Powerlifting course. Dammit. Back squats have been going exceptionally well, and I was very much looking forward to attempting to new 1RM. I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to be the case. I was half right.

I worked out at CrossFit Surmount this morning at 10:45, and completed (kind of) today’s programmed WOD.

High Bar Back Squat
Establish 1RM

I warmed up, and lifts felt just okay. My hamstrings were exceedingly tight, and that makes squatting a chore. I attempted a rep at 225 — and failed. Uhm, I did 8 reps at 225 just a week ago. I called it a day with squats and attempted metcon.

— Run 200m
— 9 sumo dead-lift (50% of dead-lift 1RM; 185#)
— 27 double unders
— 9 knees to elbows

I programmed SDL for no other reason than to introduce folks to new and improved way of completing lift. I certainly didn’t want to do any more SDLs.

Here’s what I did…

I ran 200m, completed 9 SDL, 27 unbroken double unders, and 9 K2E, ran 200m, completed 9 SDL & K2E, and then ran 200m, and completed 9 SLD & K2E. See what I didn’t do there? And I didn’t even realize it until I was putting away my equipment and noticed my jump rope. I actually thought, “What’s that doing there?” I decided to not attempt again right away, and I instead worked on banded seated box jumps. I can’t wait to teach to barbell club!

I planned on working out with 4 pm session, but forget that I had promised to help my friend Erica with her handstand pushups. We did just that, and it was fun! I then had an opportunity to work out with the 5:15 athletes, including the always entertaining Edmund, and led by the wonderfulness that is Coach Liz.

This time I successfully squatted 225. I waited 3 minutes and went for it, squatting a mere 240 — just 5 pounds over my previous 1RM. Believe it or not, I was ecstatic just to be able to complete that lift. I didn’t attempt another weight (even though the lift felt great). I patiently waited for the metcon to begin. This time I remembered the double unders!

Luke ran with me for all 200m runs. I hadn’t planned on this, but he was anxious to go, and I didn’t want to burden Coach Liz with keeping an eye on him. Luke’s a very good dog! I completed the first round of double unders in reps of 25 & 2, and the remaining 2 rounds in unbroken reps. I completed all rounds of SDL and T2B unbroken, as well I should.

Time = 6:42. That’s kinda fast.

That’s 54 SDL and T2B today. Dammit.

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