177210_10151950595527196_2147155598_oI worked out at 7:45 yesterday morning, and it was, well, tough…

Rotate through the following 5 activities 3 or 4 times
Work for 90 seconds; rest for 30 seconds

Ring dips
Abmat sit-ups
Abmat back extensions
Front squats (85/53)
Ring rows

Ring dips
Abmat or GHD sit-ups
Abmat or GHD back extensions
Front squats (95/63)
Ring rows or pull-ups

Muscle ups
GHD sit-ups
GHD back extensions
Front squats (105/73)

You may choose to complete 3 or 4 rounds, i.e., work for 30 or 40 minutes.

I can tell that I need a rest day. I completed a muscle up as a warm up and then decided for option B. I had mistakenly put 105# on the barbell, though. Dammit.

I completed ring dips in reps of 26, 21, & 24 (71). Why just 21 the second round? Because I attempted a few muscle-ups. While I did complete 2, I didn’t count as reps. I instead transitioned back to ring dips.

GHD sit-ups went well, and I began each round with a set of 1o reps, completing 30, 31, & 30 reps (91). GHD back extensions went even better, and I completed 32, 35, & 35 reps (102), usually completing 5 reps at a time.

Front squats are completed GHD back extensions were a miserable experience. Miserable. Particularly the first round at 105#. I completed 20, 27, & 28 reps (75). Pull-ups also went well, and I completed as many as 10 unbroken reps, completing 26, 27, & 28 reps 81).

Total = 420

Coach Emily led the 11:45 session yesterday, and I decided to go another 3 rounds, albeit modified. No more GHD for me! I recorded reps in notebook, but neglected to take a pic (and I’m not making a trip to CrossFit Surmount to retrieve). Reps are an estimate.

Ring dips
Abmat or GHD sit-ups
Abmat or GHD back extensions
Front squats (95/63)
Ring rows or pull-ups

I completed many more ring dips this time around, and as many as 30 (the first round). I completed in no more than 5 reps so as to rest shoulders. I completed about 47 Abmat sit-ups and between 82 and 90 back extensions a round. Front squats went much better than earlier in the day as well. Why? Because I hadn’t just completed GHD back extensions. (And perhaps because I was facing the rest of the athletes and got a little competitive.) I completed no more than 10 reps before dropping the bar. Dropping the bar like it was hot.

While I did complete ring rows instead of pull-ups, I did so with feet on 20″ box. Angie and J-No confirmed that I was slightly below parallel. I completed ring rows in no more than 5 reps, and usually completed about 30 a round.

My score was six hundred and forty something.

It had begun snowing heavily, and Coach Emily informed us of this after we had completed the third round. While Felicia and Angie wanted to complete a fourth round, I insisted that we all head home.

And I’m glad that I did. The driving conditions were treacherous. And drivers were idiots. I saw 4 fender benders in a half mile stretch of road. By the time I finally pulled into the garage, my heart was pounding and my knees were shaking. Whew!

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