Hey, wood!

What a wonderful day! Jeff and I attended the 10am session at CrossFit Haywood, led by owner and coach Brandon. The class got off to a late start, as the box is having a nutrition challenge. Today’s WODs were part of the challenge. Okay, I’ll go ahead and say it now: the WODs weren’t very challenging. And that’s okay, because I’m on vacation.

Brandon led us through a thorough warmup, demonstrated movement standards, and explained scoring. He said, “If you’re not doing the WOD as Rx, make sure you note on the board. For example, if you can’t do the prescribed weight for shoulder to overhead, that’s okay. Just note it.” I thought, “If the weight is 125 or less I’ll complete as prescribed.”

The weight was 45#, i.e., the bar.

— Run 400m
— 40 air squats
— 30 sit-ups
— 20 pushups
— 10 pull-ups

It was a crowded start, and I had to begin by maneuvering around some parked cars. Once I began, though, I took and kept the lead. I honestly held back my pace, because I don’t always want to be “that guy”. Dammit. I was nonetheless “that guy”.

I completed the remaining activities in unbroken reps. The clock was broken (I didn’t realize), so after having completing pull-ups I paused for a moment or two and then called “Time!” Brandon looked at his watch and said, “Time is 4:09.”

I patiently waited for the others to finish the WOD. Jeff was the second person to do so.

5-min AMRAP
— 10 shoulder to overhead, 45# barbell
— 10′ broad jumps
— 10′ walking lunges

I completed the first 4 rounds of strict presses and the remaining rounds as push presses. I completed 7 rounds + 10 shoulder to overhead + 10′ broad jumps.

So, I worked out for less than 10 minutes. I hadn’t even broken out into a sweat.

Jeff and I returned to the mountain house, had breakfast at a country diner, and then went skiing! It was unseasonably warm, and the parking lot was a muddy mess. The snow was perfect, and I skiied sans hat or gloves. Yup, it was that warm. French fries, pizza.

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