Live and learn.

IMG_0003I worked out with the 11:45 crew, as there were few in attendance, and all could be trusted to focus on form. Jeff was also there to assist.

— 99 KB swings (52/35)
— 88 pushups
— 77 pull-ups
— 66 wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
— 55 box jumps (24/20)
— 44 slam balls (30/20)
— 33 front squats (55% of jerk 1RM; 85%)
— 22 shoulder to overhead
— 11 ground to overhead
— 220 double unders

45-minute time cap. 

I was the only person to choose to complete as prescribed, and to not complete as 11 rounds with double under cash out. I recorded times on whiteboard so as to track progress. My goals were to finish in fewer than 45 minutes and to complete all ground to overhead as power snatches.

— 99 KB swings – 5:14
— 88 pushups – 7:13
— 77 pull-ups – 17:01
— 66 wall ball shots – 24:00
— 55 box jumps – 27:15
— 44 slam balls – 30:36
— 33 front squats – 33:16
— 22 shoulder to overhead – 35:54
— 11 ground to overhead – 38:16
— 220 double unders – 42:55

I completed KB swings in reps of 30, 20, 15, 15, & 19, pushups in 3 sets of 10 and then rounds of 5 until the last 8 (yup, 4 & 4), and pull-ups in reps of 2 sets of 10 and then sets of as 5 or more. My arms were aching.

Then it got interesting. I had planned on completing wall ball shots in reps of 10, but felt strong and finished 13 out of the gate. And then I couldn’t breathe. I walked to the plyo box and sat my ass down. I thought, “Is this what Jay felt like last week?” I forced myself to complete wall ball shots, often completing 10 at a time — but always resting on the box between sets.

Slam balls in 3 sets of 10 and then 14. Whew. Front squats in reps of 22 & 11. Whew. Power jerks in rounds of 5 or 6. Whew. Power snatches one rep at a time.

Double unders. Finally. I completed in unbroken reps of 50, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25, 25, and 22.

While completing doubles unders I had this thought: I might not be able to finish in few than 45 minutes. 

I was relieved when I did.

There were many times during the workout when I thought: I should’ve done rounds instead. Dammit. 

Great job today, Deborah, Deirdre, Susie, Angelina, Chris, and Tom!

Not a single person showed up for Living Social CrossFit session at 3, but Stephen and Tijuana attended Open Gym. Tijuana and I held hands. That’s the best way to learn box jumps!

Coach Chris led the 4 pm session, and I just couldn’t resist the temptation. Yup, this workout was so nice that I did it twice.

My goal was to complete all 11 rounds in unbroken reps. I did that. Yup, I did that. For a slight change of pace, I used a 60# KB and completed Russian swings. I once again lifted 85#.

I began with a stack of 11 poker chips, and would move 1 poker chip after completing a round. About halfway through I thought, “I might get confused as to which stack represents finished rounds.” I then knocked over the finished stack.

After completing the next round I noticed that one of the poker chips was leaning on the stack and I thought, “Did I knock that off the stack by mistake? Does that chip represent a finished round?” Liz and I were working side by side, and I know that I had just lapped her so I asked her how many rounds she had completed. Whew. She confirmed that the chip did indeed represent a finish round.

I don’t know that I could’ve done 12 rounds.

I glanced at the clock after completing the 11th round and it read 33 minutes and change. I grabbed my jump rope off the the pull-up rig where I had left it and walk — I certainly did run — to the lobby. I completed double unders in rounds of 25 until last 22. I was done. Dee. Oh. En. Ee.

I ran to the workout area and quickly noted the time of 38:20, 4:35 minutes faster than earlier in the day. I’ll take it.

The two workouts couldn’t have felt more different, and yes, completing as prescribed was much, much more challenging.

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