“Annie” x 2 + heavy “Karen”

photo-15I worked on my snatch yesterday. Don’t read that sentence out loud.

I worked out in the very brief time I had between coaching the 6 and 8:30 am WODs (as between sessions I had to get breakfast and respond to messages). I completed the programmed benchmark WOD “Annie”, one of two benchmark WODs athletes completed today.

Double unders
Abmat sit-ups

While I don’t mind completing strength work on my own, there are times when I’d like to complete conditioning workouts — particularly benchmark WODs, with others. Select others. Just saying.

My goal was to complete all reps unbroken, like I’ve done in the past. I completed all sit-ups unbroken, as well as the rounds of 50, 20, and 10 double unders, but I had 1 missed rep during both the round of 40 and 30 double unders. Nonetheless, I achieved a PR of 6:54.

Coach Chris led the 4 pm session, and I just couldn’t resist: I completed Annie again. I stumbled on a few double unders during the round of 50, and then completed the remaining rounds of double udders as well as all sit-ups unbroken. And fast, bitches. I achieved a PR of 6:26! (Comma bitches is implied.)

Next up was Karen.

150 wall ball shots, 20#/10′

Uhm, I used a 25# wall ball. I did that. And it was some heavy shit. I had no other goal than to complete within 15-minute time cap.

I completed in unbroken rounds of 10, 10, 10, & 10, but the 38th, 39th, & 40th reps were challenging, and I feared that I’d have missed reps if I continued to attempt to complete in rounds of 10. I switched to rounds of 5 reps, and did so for the remainder of the workout. Uhm, the 25# wall ball hit me squarely in the face during one of the reps of the round of 30, and I now have a blood blister on my upper lip. I did miss 2 additional reps, and re-did all 3.

This was tough. I finished with a time of 12:38.

I’m anxious to attempt soon with a mere 20#!

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