Another exhausting and rewarding day! The Living Social CrossFit deal began today; thus, I coached for over 9 hours — and enjoyed every minute of it.

I especially enjoyed coaching the snatch exercises, and implementing a very small portion of the knowledge I gained this weekend. Surmounties, share your thoughts!

Deirdre was the only athlete to attend the 7:15 am session; thus, I completed the metcon with her.

Benchmark WOD “Mary”
20-min AMRAP
— 5 handstand pushups
— 10 pistols (alternating; 5/leg)
— 15 pull-ups

My goal was to complete 8 rounds, and to complete rounds with unbroken HSPUs and pull-ups. And to complete unassisted pistols. Yup, unassisted pistols. For the first time ever in a metcon. First time. Ever.

I wore my weightlifting shoes.

Deirdre was fun to work out with, and we occasionally provided each other support and encouragement. She witnessed that I completed pistols. I made sure to also let her know when I failed a rep — and had to re-do. That happened on 5 different occasions, as each time it happened I didn’t stand up to full extension prior to lowering my extended leg.

I completed all rounds of HSPUs unbroken. I had completed my goal of 8 rounds with unbroken pull-ups as well. While completing 9th round, I was well on my way to continuing completing pull-ups unbroken when my stupid smart brain took over, and after completing the 12th rep — and before I could even process what was going on — my brain said, “Drop from the bar.” And I did. Dammit. I completed the last 3 reps. I then completed 5 HSPUs and time ran out.

Score = 9 rounds + 5 reps

50 HSPUs
90 pistols (45/leg)
135 pull-ups

Wow. It’s no wonder that my glutes hurt.

2 thoughts on ““Mary”

  1. I loved working on snatch progression today! I have fallen in love with the lifting side of crossfit, and I am always willing/wanting to learn and improve my form. Every little bit helps and if I weren’t so damn sore I would be practicing more tonight. I can’t wait to learn more about what you’ve learned.

  2. I really enjoy learning the lifts and your relay of the information is spectacular!! When I start my journey on CFE I am sure my pistol squats will be prettier!!

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