Me, myself, & I

What a muddy mess.

I forgot to blog yesterday.

I attempted a thruster, but felt wrist pain. I’m not going to risk re-injuring myself. I did complete the conditioning.

— 200m carry or pull 
— 15 hand release pushups
— Run 1K
— 5 wall crawls

As I suggested that males pull 75% of body weight, that’s what I did, and 105# felt heavy. I mistakenly chose to pull sled from box across gravel parking lot and over muddy mulch through gate, and then to 100m mark and back. The sled got stuck twice. Dammit. That really slowed me down.

A trail of mud, mulch, gravel, and tears. Mostly tears.

Both rounds of HRPUs and wall crawls were completed unbroken and rather quickly. You’re welcome. Running is usually a pleasure, but after having pulled the sled, running was somewhat laborious.

Time – 18:43. Rona, May, and Jay had a contest to see who could guess the closest to my finishing time, and Jay won! May and Rona, you owe Jay 50 burpees.

The landlord was kind enough to allow me to use the Gator to transport plates and sleds to the 100m mark. Luke enjoyed riding with me. He’s a very funny dog.

I worked out with the 8:30 am athletes today. And Thom. It was a team WOD and, as was to be expected, I completed solo.

And all teams kicked my ass.

Team WOD
In teams of 2, 3, or 4, cComplete the following for time:
— Run 1,600m
— Row 1,600m
— 100 6-count burpees
— 100 wall ball shots
— 200 Abmat sit-ups
— 200 Abmat back extensions


The activities could be done in any order, but once you began and activity you had to finish that activity. I decided to begin with 6-count burpees and end with running. My 1 and only goal was to complete all 100 burpees unbroken. And I did that. I paced myself, though, and didn’t concern myself with what the other teams were doing. During most activities, Blythe, Gina, and Danielle were to my left, and Steve D. and Thom were directly across from me.

I completed 100 burpees in 7:59. Certainly not blazingly fast, but I wanted to leave a little something in the tank.

The clock read 18:02 after having completed 200 Abmat sit-ups. Don’t make me do math. That’s 10 minutes, right? Sit-ups were painful today, and while I began with 50 unbroken, I often completed a mere 10 at a time.

I rowed next, and completed rowing 1600m when the clock read 25:39. I took me 6:36 to row that distance. I averaged just 21 strokes/minutes. It’s all about the pacing.

I moved to Abmat to do back extensions and thought, “Just get the wall ball shots out of the way.” So that’s what I did. I completed in reps of 5 or 10, and did complete the last 10 unbroken. I did miss 2 wall ball shots and yes, I did re-do. I completed wall ball shots when the clock read 34:06. Wall  ball shots were by far the most difficult of the activities.

Two hundred back extensions in rounds of 50 unbroken reps. That freaking hurt. I didn’t record my finishing time.

Another painful mile. Gah! The weather was beautiful, and the run was quite enjoyable.

I arrived back at the box and the clock read 46:31. The crowd broke out into thunderous and well-deserved  round of applause!

Oh, that reminds me. Whilst doing wall ball shots Rona said, “Great job, Paul!” I replied, “F@ck you, Rona!” We both laughed.

I hate to be cheered for.

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