That’s a lot of lunges.

photo-6I worked out at 9:30. It’s been a full house at CrossFit Surmount so far today, and there’s but one session left! I hope the workout was grueling enough that folks won’t feel so guilty for overindulging.

Back Squat (low bar or high bar)

I completed sets @ 155, 165, 175, 185, and 200#, 85% of 1RM. As is the norm, I recorded and reviewed all lifts. That last rep @ 200# felt heavy.

Weighted reverse lunges (75/63) & V-ups
Complete 24 lateral bar hops between all rounds

The workout was modified from what was originally posted. Uhm, I may not have thought that one through, as with large sessions there certainly isn’t enough room to sprint when there are barbells spread on the flo’.

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken, and I’m happy to report that I did just that. The rounds of 12 and then 10 and 8 when descending were tough, and my legs felt like jelly. Keep in mind that lunges were per leg, e.g., 12 lunges per leg not 12 lunges total. Who comes up with this shit?

Time = 12:57

Recently an acquaintance from high school and now former Facebook friend suggested that I “overplay” my fitness. Ha! What an ass. That’d be like me suggesting that that person “overplays” their children. “Would you mind not posting so many things about your children?” I shall continue to tell the entire f@cking world about not only my fitness, but my family, my friends, and my thoughts and feelings. You’re welcome.

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