Hot for Teacher

photo-4My first workout was completed at 9:45. As much as I would’ve like to have participated in the partner WOD, I most definitely needed to focus on coaching (and cat herding) today; thus, I had to improvise.

The workout as programmed:

Partner WOD
19:30 AMRAP
One partner works while the other partner “rests”. Partners work for 1:30 intervals, resting 30 seconds between intervals, and cycle through activities.

A: Front rack lunges (95/63) | L-arm KB or DB hold (weight determined by coach)
B: Pushups | plank hold
C: Power cleans (95/63) | bottom of squat hold
D: Ring rows | bottom of pushup hold
E: Back squats (95/63) | R-arm KB or DB hold

I cycled through by completing both aspects of each lettered round. My goal was to complete all holds unbroken, i.e., hold for 90 seconds.

I alternated legs and completed 28 lunges, all forward. I didn’t drop the bar to the floor. My left left is most definitely stronger than my right leg. I held a 44# KB in a waiter’s carry for the full 90 seconds. On to B.

I completed 41 pushups and easily held a plank for 90 seconds. On to C.

I completed 23 power cleans. My right wrist is still nagging me somewhat, so the bar did remain in a death grip. I held bottom of squat for 90 seconds. On to D.

My arms were getting quite tired. I was only able to completed 37 ring rows. I told myself to hold bottom of pushup (i.e., hovering just above the ground) for 45 seconds. I held the pushup for 45 seconds and told myself to attempt a minute. I did. No turning back now, so I held the pushup for the full 90 seconds. On to E.

I do love back squats. Once again, I didn’t drop the bar to the floor. I completed 33 back squats. I was then bound and determined to hold that damned KB for the full 90 seconds. I counted up to 45 and then down from 45. I struggled mightily during as 30 seconds still remained on the clock. “Ten, nine, eight, seven — you can make it, Paul — six, just five seconds left, four, three…”

And then my my elbow bent and KB descended and I cradled it in my arm. I find it amazing that my brain said, “Hold it!” but my body said, “F@ck you.”

Uhm, I’m not sure how to score this. Suggestions?

It’s a beautiful day, so I took Luke for a walk/run on the American Tobacco Trail. We had a splendid time! I arrived back at the box and began my second workout at 11:10.

After seeing the following posted on the main site, I very much wanted to give it a try.

10 RFT
12 burpeees
12 pull=ups

My goal was to have an even split, so I made sure to look at the clock at the end of the 5th round. My aspirational goal was to complete all rounds unbroken. I also made the workout a bit more challenging by touching a pull-up bar that was a little more than 4″ above my highest reach at the top of each burpee. That’s always fun!

Uhm, yeah, so I achieved both of my goals, completing 5 rounds in 6 minutes and completing the workout in exactly 16 minutes. Yup, all unbroken rounds. I did, however, have to really pick up the pace the last round in order to achieve the time goal. I’m like that, you know, all awesome and shit.

Didya do that math? Didya? Didya? That’s 120 burpees and pull-ups.

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