Wall crawling

I coached the awesome 7am Boot Campers, took Luke for a long walk, had lunch with my good friend, Dave, napped with Luke, Meg, & Zac, mopped the floor at CFS, and then completed the following.

1-2-3…8-9-10 shuttle sprints & wall crawls
5-10-15…40-45-50 air squats

Confused? Don’t be. A sprint from blue wall to grey wall and back counted as 1 shuttle sprint. Thus, first round was shuttle sprint from blue wall to grey wall and back, 1 wall crawl, and 5 air squats.

My right wrist is still somewhat sore, so perhaps completing wall crawls wasn’t the smartest thing to do. I wore wrist wraps, and for the most part my right wrist felt fine. Walking up the wall, however, was easier on my wrist than walking down the wall.

While not lofty, my goal was to complete all rounds of air squats unbroken. Uhm, it should be a given that shuttle sprints would be done unbroken, and I most certainly didn’t want to set a goal to complete wall crawls unbroken. Maybe I’m smarter than you think.

This took a looooong time, and I’m glad that I gave it a try before programming. I’ve since modified in that athletes will only complete 1 wall crawl per round. I’m just that nice. You can thank me when you see me.

I set up markers at opposites sides of the box, by the blue and grey walls. It’s about 56′ sprint from wall to wall to wall to wall. I’m not even going to attempt to do the math. Someone please do it for me, i.e., meters and mileage.

Sprinting after squatting is never easy, and today was no exception. Wall crawls are never easy, but all wall crawls went reasonably well, i.e., my chest touched the wall, my hands were near the wall, and I walked down as well as up the wall. I also completed the first 6 rounds unbroken, and even completed the first 5 reps of the last round unbroken.

Time = 21:58

I had to push through the last round of 50 air squats to finish in just under 22 minutes.

That’s 55 wall crawls and shuttle sprints (3,080’/.58 mi <– I did math!) and 275 air squats.

Doreen once again led an incredibly wonderful yoga session. Unfortunately, I was a wee bit sore from massage and workout, and wasn’t able to get into quite a few of the poses. My Boot Campers than full-time members attend yoga. Boot Campers are smart.

Team Awesome

Yet another very busy day. Just they way I like them. Pat from Stronger Faster Healthier visited the morning sessions and provided samples. Best. Fish oil. Ever. No fish burps!

I worked out at 4pm as Coach Chris led the session — the first time he’s done so from start to finish. I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to work out at all, and let Chris know that I’d either observe his coaching, work out alone, or, if needed, join one of the teams.

As luck would have it I was indeed needed (and perhaps even wanted) on a team that consisted of myself, Stephen, and Andy. Andy immediately dubbed us Team Awesome.

And a befitting name it was.

I don’t always enjoy completing team WODs, and for a variety of reasons.

  1. I’ve been a member of overly competitive teams. Behaviors included criticizing others as well as own teammates. Poor sportspersonship.
  2. I sometimes get overly competitive with myself, as I think/feel that my teammates are relying upon me to carry my share of the work. Sometimes I feel like I’m expected to carry even more than my fair share of the work.
  3. I sometimes get lost in the moment and disregard how my teammates might react to my behaviors.

While I thoroughly enjoyed today’s workout, I may have, you know, done a little bit of #3.

First, a few words about Stephen and Andy. Stephen is a very strong athlete and a very hard worker. He also enjoys musical theater. He and his wife have 6 children, and I am the youngest of 6. Even I don’t know how that’s related to anything. Going on. Andy is a high school student and sometimes wrestler. He’s genuine. He’s a hard worker. He has a funny sense of humor. I like them both very much!

Teams of 3 (1 working, 2 “resting”)
9x200m run
150 push press (95/63)
150 SDHP (95/63)
150 bent over row (95/63)
9x200m Run

Resting teammates take turns holding a single KB (weight TBD by coach) the entire duration of the WOD. If the KB touches the ground during push press, SDHP, or bent over rows, the entire team immediately completes 10 burpees. If the KB touches the ground during run, entire team completes 10 burpees after teammate completes 200m run. 

Here is, to the best of my recollection, what transpired. Perception is reality.

I was the first on my team to run. I love running. I’m a fast runner. We took turns running and holding the 52# KB. We each ran 200m 3 times, i.e., we evenly divided the work.

I was the first to begin push presses, and completed 10. I was exceedingly happy that I was able to do so, as I feared the my sore wrist would prevent me from doing so. Yeah, wrist wraps! Andy began to struggle with push presses, so Stephen and I completed extra reps. That’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re on a team — help out your teammates.

We completed PPs and began SDHPs. I usually completed 10 reps when it was my turn. I remember Stephen saying, “I don’t think I can continue doing 10.” “That’s okay,” I replied, “do as many as you can.” Stephen continued completing 10 reps. Uhm, this may have been because I continued doing 1o reps. Maybe. Andy certainly completed his fair share, although Stephen and I would occasionally do extra sets. Again, that’s what teammates do for each other.

We completed SDHPs and began bent over rows. I usually completed 10 at a time, and both Stephen and Andy sometimes completed even more than 10 reps. Stephen and I completed more reps than Andy. Stephen and Andy held the KB as I often took a turn after they completed their reps. Poor Andy had to hold that damn kettle bell an awfully long time! I

“Stephen,” I said, “would you like to run first?” “No,” he replied, “I’d like the extra rest. I ran 200m and as I approached the box Stephen was waiting. I yelled, “I love you, Stephen, that’s why I’m going to run another 200 meters!”

Perhaps I should’ve let him run. Perhaps I shouldn’t have assumed that he didn’t want to run.

Stephen ran 200m, Andy ran 200m, and I once again ran 400m. We each ran 200m, and I was the last to run.

Uhm, maybe I shouldn’t have done that. I promise that my intentions were sincere! Nonetheless that was a shitty thing to do. Stephen and Andy, if you’re reading this I offer my apologies. I’ll apologize the next time I see you as well.

Our time was 34:16.

A few things to note…

All 3 of us usually held the KB on a shoulder. This was most comfortable for me.

Lorraine said, “I’ve never seen you run before, and I’ve never seen anyone run like that. You’re so fast!” Ha! I let her know that I practiced POSE running, and that I’d be happy to teach her.

Robin and I had a collision while running. I blame Robin. You should, too.



These are but two of my favorite things

What a morning. I dropped my laptop yet again, only this time it appears to be irreparable. Good thing I have a spare Mac (as everyone should).

I had planned on completing the 50 OHS as programmed, but my right wrist is still somewhat sore. I’ll consider this a rest day from lifting.

Uhm, yeah, so I listened to Christmas music while completing the metcon. My favorite will always be Bing’s and David’s version of Little Drummer Boy. I detest any tune by Trans Siberian Orchestra or Mannheim Steamroller. Two stupid names for 2 shitty artists.

American KB swings (52/35) (60, bitches)

That’s 84 reps of both activities.

I haven’t swung a heavy kettle bell in a very long time, so I decided to do just that today. I had forgotten just how heavy a 60# KB can feel.

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. That didn’t happen. It almost happened. Nonetheless, it didn’t happen. But it almost happened.

I completed all but the round of 18 KB swings unbroken, breaking that set into reps of 12 & 6. Did I mention that the 60# KB felt heavy? It did.

My thoughts are always focused on the workout, and today was no exception. For example, at no time during any round of burpees did it even cross my mind to pause. I merely needed to count.

However, during rounds of KB swings I often had to truly talk myself into completing round. I obviously was unsuccessful doing so during the round of 18. As often happens, my mind focuses on the rep that will be the last rep of the next round, e.g., the 12th rep of the 15th round. I think, “I don’t know if I can make it past 12 this round. I know it’s just 3 more reps, but I don’t know if I can make it. Okay, that’s the 12th rep. Thirteen, 14, 15.”

If only I hadn’t paused during the round of 18 I could’ve completed the workout in under 10 minutes. Dammit.

Time = 10:03

I picked up a very late lunch from Panera. I was wearing my CFS shirt and the often-seen manager asked, “Do you work out at CrossFit?” “I own it,” I replied. Yup, I said that. He said, “I’ve heard quite a few customers say how much they like CrossFit Surmount.” That was nice to hear. We continued our conversation, and I made sure to give him a Free Visit Card.

I’m just that nice.



photoI took 2 ibuprofen last night. Uhm, I haven’t taken any type of pain relief for as long as I can remember, and certainly well over a year ago. My neck still hurt, I had a knot in my back, and my right thumb and wrist ached.

That was yesterday. Today most of the pain and aching has subsided. Yeah! Last night I thought I’d rest today. This morning I awakened ready to work out. Yeah!

I worked out at 10:45 and completed almost all of today’s programmed WOD.

Time Trials
Row 1k (I ran out of time. Dammit.)
50 pushups = 1:38
50 pull-ups = 2:09
50 air squats = :46
50 Abmat sit-ups = 1:16
50 double unders = :27
50 wall ball shots (20) = 2:26
50 slam balls (30) = 1:27
50 Abmat back extensions = :40
10 rope climbs = 2:48

I completed double unders, air squats, sit-ups, back extensions, and slam balls (yes, slam balls) unbroken.

I completed pull-ups as kipping non-butterfly (so as to protect wrist) in reps of 25, 10, 5, 4, 3, & 3. I completed pushups in reps of no more than 15 and no less than 4 and wall ball shots in reps of 15 and then sets of 5 reps. The wall ball never hit the ground, and I didn’t miss a rep.

Back to the slam balls. As I was completing I thought, “I can do 30 of these. No problem. Wait, the slam ball weighs 30 pounds. I have to do 50 reps!”

I completed all rope climbs with just two pulls, yo. Just. Two. Pulls. Yo.

All sessions at CFS were very well0-attended today. Yay! We have some truly awesome members! Paul K. from CFD visited today, and it was nice seeing a familiar face. Good job with kipping pull-ups, Paul!

It’s been almost a year since my position was eliminated from my previous employer — and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to open CFS!

Things don’t always go as planned.

Subtitle: I Hate Math.

Today’s WOD at CFS was called “Tons” of fun. And it was! Well, kind of. All except for E’s mixed box jump. More in a moment.

I worked out with the 9:45 athletes. Both sessions were very well attended. I may need to buy more barbells and plates. That’s a good thing!

Dead-lift 10,000#
Squat 7,500#
Shoulder to overhead 5,000#
Ground to overhead 2,500#
Run 2 miles
100 box jumps, 30″

Women’s weights were 8,000, 6,500, 4,000, and 1,750 and box jump height was 24″.

I created a spreadsheet with lifts, weights, and reps. I didn’t, however, bring a printed copy with me. Dammit. I transcribed on Post-it note. BIG mistake.

DL | 225 | 44.5 | 45 reps
BS | 135 | 55.55 |  56 reps
S2O | 85 | 58.82 | 59 reps
G2O | 65 | 38.46 | 39 reps

Notice how many back squats were required — a mere 56. This becomes important in a moment.

I have a knot in my back, my neck hurts, and my right wrist is still very sore from failed front squat. Jeff was kind enough to allow me to borrow wrist wraps.

As I expected would happen, athletes had to share bars and racks. I partnered with S. We briefly discussed our plans, e.g., we both started with an 800m run.

Running is fun! I returned to the box and completed 45 dead-lifts in reps of between 5 and 10. I wanted to complete push jerks next, but S. was still using the rack. I completed 50 box jumps and ran another 800m. S. allowed me to use the rack, and I completed 20 back squats. Heavy.

I do believe that S. got a little confused, as he used the bar on the rack to complete 45# snatches, i.e., he didn’t strip the weight off of the dead-lift bar and use for ground to overhead. And that’s okay. It’s CrossFit, so expect the unexpected. Right? Right? Right.

I grabbed a 15# training bar and added 25# plates, and completed most of the power snatches.

The rest is somewhat of a blur in that I cannot remember the order the I completed the activities and/or the number of reps in most sets.

And then this happened…

I had just come back from my third 800m run when I noticed Jeff assisting E. I wasn’t sure what had happened. I stepped up to the rack and Jeff called, “Paul, I need your help!” E. had missed a box jump. Uhm, really missed it. She was bleeding. I ran to get some ice, returned to assist (along with J. who had come to the rescue). Someone had already gotten ice. Jeff lifted up her pant leg to see extent of cut.

And I think I may have seen bone.

I felt a tremendous urge to hurl my cookies. I looked around for T., Evelyn’s BFF and ride home, and he was nowhere to be found. This could only mean one thing: he was running. I ran to get him.

I ran 100m and didn’t see him. I ran to the 200m mark and passed another athlete (Melinda, I think?) and asked, “Is T. running behind you?” She replied, “Yes.” I picked up the pace. I finally found him past the 300m mark and informed him that E. was injured and needed a ride to the hospital.

And I kept running past him. I ran to the 400m turnaround, looked around to make sure no one could see me, and I threw up. Gross, I know. I just couldn’t get the image of E.’s injured leg out of my mind. I paused a moment and then ran back. By this time T. and E. had left for the emergency room. (T. and I spent the morning texting. E. has 9 stitches, but as she is a trooper she seems to be fine.)

My notes were getting messy. I was having a difficult time reading my notes and/or recalling number of reps. I knew that I had completed all dead-lifts, power snatches, and mile run, 65 box jumps, 30 push jerks, and 45 back squats. As S. was using the rack, I placed 20# on barbell that I had been using for snatches, and cleaned the bar and then push jerked. I completed push jerks. S. was still using the rack, so I completed remaining box jumps.

My notes had become so messy that I couldn’t see how many back squats I needed to complete, only that I had completed 45. I grabbed a calculator and divided 10,000 by 135. The calculator read 74.07. Do you see the glaringly obvious mistake that I made? I used the weight for dead-lifts, 10,000#, and not the weight for back squats, 7,500#. Thus, I reality I only had 11 back squat remaining. The clock read 49 minutes. I completed remaining reps in sets of 5. I kept glancing at the calculator and even remember thinking, “I don’t recall any of my calculations ending in .07. That’s weird. Nonetheless, I’m going to have to round up and complete 75 reps.”

And I did. Thus, I completed 19 additional back squats. Dammit. I back squatted 10,000# Dammit.

My finishing time was 54:06. The total weight I lifted today was 47,500 or 23.75 tons.

And I didn’t miss a single box jump.

I’m tempted to say that I completed this Rx+. But I won’t.


That’s a one rep max, b!tches.

As there were but 5 who attended the 8:30 am session, I joined them for the WOD and Jeff coached. Uhm, there were 20 members at the 9:45 session.

Front Squat

I had programmed sets of 3 front squats just 2 weeks ago. Things went as planned today, as athletes were given the chance to not only establish a 3RM but, if there were able to lift heavier, also attempt a 1RM. I front squatted 205# 3 times and 215# one time — a PR! I attempted 225# but failed miserably, falling on my ass. I forgot to tape my wrists, and my right wrist bent too far back. Dammit. It hurt then but hurts far less now, so I’m certain that nothing was broken or strained. Whew.

4-minute AMRAP
— Grasshoppers (right and left count as 1 rep) & American KB swings (52)
Alternate activities each minute
Rest 1 minute
4-minute AMRAP
— Goblet squats (52) & box jumps (24)
Alternate activities each minute
Rest 1 minute
2-minute AMRAP
— Double unders
Then immediately hold plank for as long as possible

Wow, this was more challenging than even I thought it was going to be!

I completed the following # of reps:
Grasshoppers | 52 + 33 = 85
KB swings | 27 + 24 = 51
Part A = 136
Goblet squats | 25 + 23 = 48
Box jumps | 21 + 23 = 44
Part B = 92
Double unders = 115
Plank hold = 4 minutes

Grasshoppers were exhausting, KB swings went well, goblet squats felt heavy, box jumps went well, double unders were exhausting, and I could’ve held the plank for a hell of a lot longer.

Another day, another skill…

My shoulders and lats are a wee bit sore, you know, from all of the butterfly pull-ups and bear crawls. Uhm, and kipping and butterfly pull-up demos for all of today’s sessions.

I worked out at 10 this morning. I’ve been wanting to learn how to backward roll, and today seemed like just as good of a day as any to give it a try. I searched YouTube for video of Carl Paoli progression. Perfect.

I followed the progressions, making sure I recorded and reviewed, and was able to, while certainly not master, complete backward rolls with efficiency.

Forward rolls make my dizzy. Backward rolls make me even more dizzy. Combining forward and backward rolls makes me somewhat queazy.

So why not program a metcon that combines forward and backward rolls?!

Forward roll
Backward roll
20″ box jump
24″ box jump
30″ box jump

I set a goal to complete in under 20 minutes.

I used the same box for jumps, so I had to flip to appropriate height. That added another element to the mix. I did flip box to 20″ after last rep at 30″.

Thus I began with a forward roll, backward roll, 20″ box jump, 24″ box jump, and 30″ box jump and ended with — you guessed it — 10 reps.

Jumping onto a box after rolling is quite a challenge. Let me unequivocally state that I would never program a metcon like this. Like ever.

An added challenge was keeping track of reps. During the round of 6, I completed forward and backward rolls and walked to the box. I thought, “I think that was only 5.” I completed another forward and backward roll. I reviewed the recording and I was correct.

I began the round of 9 and while doing rolls thought, “Did I complete only 7, 30″ box jumps?” I completed 10, 30″ box jumps during the round of 9 just to be safe. I reviewed the recording and I had indeed completed the requisite 8. Oh, well.

I became much more adept — and much faster — at forward and backward rolls as the workout progressed. I also completed 20″ and 24″ box jumps much faster, reminding myself to quickly rebound and then jump.  Uhm, 30″ box jumps were completed at the same somewhat slow pace. Safety first, as I don’t want another scar down my leg.

Time = 19:29

That’s 55 forward and backward rolls, 55, 20″ & 24″ box jumps, and 56, 30″ box jumps. Ha!