Team Awesome

Yet another very busy day. Just they way I like them. Pat from Stronger Faster Healthier visited the morning sessions and provided samples. Best. Fish oil. Ever. No fish burps!

I worked out at 4pm as Coach Chris led the session — the first time he’s done so from start to finish. I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to work out at all, and let Chris know that I’d either observe his coaching, work out alone, or, if needed, join one of the teams.

As luck would have it I was indeed needed (and perhaps even wanted) on a team that consisted of myself, Stephen, and Andy. Andy immediately dubbed us Team Awesome.

And a befitting name it was.

I don’t always enjoy completing team WODs, and for a variety of reasons.

  1. I’ve been a member of overly competitive teams. Behaviors included criticizing others as well as own teammates. Poor sportspersonship.
  2. I sometimes get overly competitive with myself, as I think/feel that my teammates are relying upon me to carry my share of the work. Sometimes I feel like I’m expected to carry even more than my fair share of the work.
  3. I sometimes get lost in the moment and disregard how my teammates might react to my behaviors.

While I thoroughly enjoyed today’s workout, I may have, you know, done a little bit of #3.

First, a few words about Stephen and Andy. Stephen is a very strong athlete and a very hard worker. He also enjoys musical theater. He and his wife have 6 children, and I am the youngest of 6. Even I don’t know how that’s related to anything. Going on. Andy is a high school student and sometimes wrestler. He’s genuine. He’s a hard worker. He has a funny sense of humor. I like them both very much!

Teams of 3 (1 working, 2 “resting”)
9x200m run
150 push press (95/63)
150 SDHP (95/63)
150 bent over row (95/63)
9x200m Run

Resting teammates take turns holding a single KB (weight TBD by coach) the entire duration of the WOD. If the KB touches the ground during push press, SDHP, or bent over rows, the entire team immediately completes 10 burpees. If the KB touches the ground during run, entire team completes 10 burpees after teammate completes 200m run. 

Here is, to the best of my recollection, what transpired. Perception is reality.

I was the first on my team to run. I love running. I’m a fast runner. We took turns running and holding the 52# KB. We each ran 200m 3 times, i.e., we evenly divided the work.

I was the first to begin push presses, and completed 10. I was exceedingly happy that I was able to do so, as I feared the my sore wrist would prevent me from doing so. Yeah, wrist wraps! Andy began to struggle with push presses, so Stephen and I completed extra reps. That’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re on a team — help out your teammates.

We completed PPs and began SDHPs. I usually completed 10 reps when it was my turn. I remember Stephen saying, “I don’t think I can continue doing 10.” “That’s okay,” I replied, “do as many as you can.” Stephen continued completing 10 reps. Uhm, this may have been because I continued doing 1o reps. Maybe. Andy certainly completed his fair share, although Stephen and I would occasionally do extra sets. Again, that’s what teammates do for each other.

We completed SDHPs and began bent over rows. I usually completed 10 at a time, and both Stephen and Andy sometimes completed even more than 10 reps. Stephen and I completed more reps than Andy. Stephen and Andy held the KB as I often took a turn after they completed their reps. Poor Andy had to hold that damn kettle bell an awfully long time! I

“Stephen,” I said, “would you like to run first?” “No,” he replied, “I’d like the extra rest. I ran 200m and as I approached the box Stephen was waiting. I yelled, “I love you, Stephen, that’s why I’m going to run another 200 meters!”

Perhaps I should’ve let him run. Perhaps I shouldn’t have assumed that he didn’t want to run.

Stephen ran 200m, Andy ran 200m, and I once again ran 400m. We each ran 200m, and I was the last to run.

Uhm, maybe I shouldn’t have done that. I promise that my intentions were sincere! Nonetheless that was a shitty thing to do. Stephen and Andy, if you’re reading this I offer my apologies. I’ll apologize the next time I see you as well.

Our time was 34:16.

A few things to note…

All 3 of us usually held the KB on a shoulder. This was most comfortable for me.

Lorraine said, “I’ve never seen you run before, and I’ve never seen anyone run like that. You’re so fast!” Ha! I let her know that I practiced POSE running, and that I’d be happy to teach her.

Robin and I had a collision while running. I blame Robin. You should, too.



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