That’s a one rep max, b!tches.

As there were but 5 who attended the 8:30 am session, I joined them for the WOD and Jeff coached. Uhm, there were 20 members at the 9:45 session.

Front Squat

I had programmed sets of 3 front squats just 2 weeks ago. Things went as planned today, as athletes were given the chance to not only establish a 3RM but, if there were able to lift heavier, also attempt a 1RM. I front squatted 205# 3 times and 215# one time — a PR! I attempted 225# but failed miserably, falling on my ass. I forgot to tape my wrists, and my right wrist bent too far back. Dammit. It hurt then but hurts far less now, so I’m certain that nothing was broken or strained. Whew.

4-minute AMRAP
— Grasshoppers (right and left count as 1 rep) & American KB swings (52)
Alternate activities each minute
Rest 1 minute
4-minute AMRAP
— Goblet squats (52) & box jumps (24)
Alternate activities each minute
Rest 1 minute
2-minute AMRAP
— Double unders
Then immediately hold plank for as long as possible

Wow, this was more challenging than even I thought it was going to be!

I completed the following # of reps:
Grasshoppers | 52 + 33 = 85
KB swings | 27 + 24 = 51
Part A = 136
Goblet squats | 25 + 23 = 48
Box jumps | 21 + 23 = 44
Part B = 92
Double unders = 115
Plank hold = 4 minutes

Grasshoppers were exhausting, KB swings went well, goblet squats felt heavy, box jumps went well, double unders were exhausting, and I could’ve held the plank for a hell of a lot longer.

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