Another day, another skill…

My shoulders and lats are a wee bit sore, you know, from all of the butterfly pull-ups and bear crawls. Uhm, and kipping and butterfly pull-up demos for all of today’s sessions.

I worked out at 10 this morning. I’ve been wanting to learn how to backward roll, and today seemed like just as good of a day as any to give it a try. I searched YouTube for video of Carl Paoli progression. Perfect.

I followed the progressions, making sure I recorded and reviewed, and was able to, while certainly not master, complete backward rolls with efficiency.

Forward rolls make my dizzy. Backward rolls make me even more dizzy. Combining forward and backward rolls makes me somewhat queazy.

So why not program a metcon that combines forward and backward rolls?!

Forward roll
Backward roll
20″ box jump
24″ box jump
30″ box jump

I set a goal to complete in under 20 minutes.

I used the same box for jumps, so I had to flip to appropriate height. That added another element to the mix. I did flip box to 20″ after last rep at 30″.

Thus I began with a forward roll, backward roll, 20″ box jump, 24″ box jump, and 30″ box jump and ended with — you guessed it — 10 reps.

Jumping onto a box after rolling is quite a challenge. Let me unequivocally state that I would never program a metcon like this. Like ever.

An added challenge was keeping track of reps. During the round of 6, I completed forward and backward rolls and walked to the box. I thought, “I think that was only 5.” I completed another forward and backward roll. I reviewed the recording and I was correct.

I began the round of 9 and while doing rolls thought, “Did I complete only 7, 30″ box jumps?” I completed 10, 30″ box jumps during the round of 9 just to be safe. I reviewed the recording and I had indeed completed the requisite 8. Oh, well.

I became much more adept — and much faster — at forward and backward rolls as the workout progressed. I also completed 20″ and 24″ box jumps much faster, reminding myself to quickly rebound and then jump.  Uhm, 30″ box jumps were completed at the same somewhat slow pace. Safety first, as I don’t want another scar down my leg.

Time = 19:29

That’s 55 forward and backward rolls, 55, 20″ & 24″ box jumps, and 56, 30″ box jumps. Ha!


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