We Offer No Apologies

photoAnother fun day at CFS! I had the opportunity to complete the workout with the 4pm group, as Coach Chris led the session!

Team WOD
In teams of 4, 5, or 6
7, 4-minute rounds; 1-minute rest between rounds (34-minutes total)
Partners rotate through the following activities:
— Row for calories
— Slam balls
— 1-armed KB swings
— Medicine ball Abmat sit-ups
— Medicine ball jumping air squats
— Double unders (Yes, double unders)


  1. Team members rotate through activities in the same order. Only 3, 4, or 5 teammates work at a time, each completing a different activity. The remaining teammate may complete activities for any one teammate at any given time. 
  2. Each team will have a lane consisting of a rower, slam ball(s), medicine ball(s), an Abmat, and ample room to complete double unders. Teams may decide which activity to begin with, but must cycle through in order listed above. (It may be that a rower is shared by more than 1 team.)
  3. While not at all ideal, substitute 3 single unders for double unders. Learn how to do double unders, folks. I mean it. 
  4. Total score is divided by 4, 5, or 6, based upon number of team members.

My teammates were Sarah, Lorraine, & Andy. We kicked ass and took names.

I’ll be honest: much of what transpired is a blur. 

One thing to note: I did not lead the team. Yup, I took somewhat of a back seat. 

I was the first person to float. I remember that. I completed 234 double unders and Sarah completed additional reps. With Lorraine’s assistance, we completed 125 1-armed KB swings, and I used a 44# KB. I completed 11o of the 120 Abmat sit-ups, and Sarah completed the remaining reps. I completed over 125 jumping air squats, but I’m not sure of the exact number. 

The row. Wow. I set a goal to row 1 calorie per stroke, and I did just that, rowing a total of 67 calories with an average of 17 strokes/minute. I grunted. My teammates notice. 

I offer no apologies for grunting — or for being awesome.

Our total reps were 2417 and our score was 604. Uhm, the highest team score of the day. 

I truly enjoyed the workout! It’s nice to not have to work out solo, yo. 

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