The drug I take is called “awesomeness”.


Today was a great day at CFS! I don’t know what’s more exciting — getting a dead-lift PR or coaching some many others as they achieve dead-lifts PRs.

Wait, I do know — coaching others as they achieve dead-lift PRs. That’s not to say that I didn’t have “fun” achieving my own!

I worked out at 10:45.

Establish 1RM

I wrote “345” on the whiteboard, as this was my previous 1RM. I was hell-bent on exceeding that number.

I worked fast. I completed 5 reps @ 135, 3 @ 225, and 2 @ 275 & 315. The lifts felt and looked solid. I thought, “Go for it.” I placed 2, 10# plates on both sides of the bar for a total of 355#. I chalked my hands, pressed Record on Ubersense, and quickly (and literally) ran to the bar, set my left and then right hands, set my back, ensured that I had a neutral neck, took the tension off of the bar, and lifted. Quite easily. I yelled, “Yes! Yes!” I was, in a word, delighted.

I always feel much more confident when I have already achieved a PR. I placed 2, 5# plates on both ends of the bar for a total of 365#. I once again ran to the bar, prepared myself for the lift, and, while more difficult than the preceding lift, successfully dead-lifted 365#. I yelled (to no one but myself, I might add), “Yes! Shit, yes!”

That’s an all-time PR!

Sumo dead-lift high pulls 

The weight was determined by dead-lift 1RM; thus I had to complete SDHPs and thrusters at 80#. My intention when programming was for this workout to be fast and furious. And it was.

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken. I did not. Dammit.

I did complete all rounds up to and including 3 SDHPs and 8 thrusters unbroken. I completed set of 9 in reps of 5 & 4, and set of 10 in reps of 4, 4, & 2. I was spent.

Time = 7:29

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