“Pressed” for time

I had planned on working out with the 9:45 session, as there are usually at the most a dozen who attend. I think some folks may not have set their clocks back an hour last night. There were 18 in attendance. Jeff was kind enough to help me coach such a large crowd. I am delighted that no one got upset, that folks adapted, and that — even though we nearly ran out of plates — everyone was able to get in a good workout.

So that Jeff could work out before traveling out of town, I also coached the 11 session, attended by a dozen or so.

I was longing to do this workout. I knew, however, that this was going to be difficult to accomplish, as Foundations was scheduled from 1 to 3. Gah!

You don’t find time to work out, you make time. Jeff led the cool down for the 11amers so that I could gather equipment. I began the workout at 12:05.

Run 1K
100 double unders
50 floor presses @ 65% of bench press 1RM, 120#
Run 1K
50/leg lunges @ 45#
25 power snatches @ 65% of 1RM, 80#
Run 1K
20 dead-lifts @ 65% of 1RM, 225#
10 rope climbs

While challenging, this workout was certainly surmountable. Here’s what transpired, to the best of my recollection.

I easily ran 1K. I easily completed double unders in unbroken reps of 85 an 15. I completed floor presses, albeit not so easily, in sets of 5 reps until I had completed 35. I was unable to complete the 40th rep, so I completed remaining reps in sets of 4 or 3. Uhm, and the last 2 were singles. My arms and chesticles were on fire!

Running wasn’t as easy the 2nd round, but I kept up a good pace. I completed forward and reverse lunges in sets of 30, 10, & 10, holding the plate on my back for the first and last sets. I thought power snatches were going to be a challenge, but happily the weight felt light. I completed in unbroken reps of 15 & 10.

Running felt very easy the last round, although I did count down from 10. I also grabbed the safety cone that I had earlier placed at the 250m mark. I completed dead-lifts in sets of 15 & 5, and only paused to chalk my hands.

Rope climbs. Gah! I had allowed folks to complete rope climbs when they wanted to, i.e., they didn’t have to wait until the end and they didn’t have to do all 10 reps at in succession. I, however, did not allow myself to do so. Dammit.

My goal was to complete all 10 climbs in 2 “pulls”. I did just that. And it was quite challenging. Even though I taped my ankle, wore a sock over tape, and then taped over sock, the rope still chafed my ankle.

As I was completing rope climbs I kept thinking, “Finish before the new members arrive.” That was my only motivation. I had just completed the workout when Liz and Carl arrived. Yay! Liz was kind enough to keep an eye on the box while I grabbed a quick shower. Oh, and Lindsey and Michelle had picked up lunch for me from Panera. Thanks, you two!

Time = 34:15

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