May Day! May Day!


Oh, how I love a clean box.

I coached the 6 & 7:15 WODs and 8:30 Boot Camp. I thoroughly enjoy leading the Boot Campers! T. did request Jeff, though. Hee! He’s a hell of a lot nicer than I am.

Ms. May attended the Boot Camp, resplendent in her rowing jacket. ‘Twas a challenging workout, yo. May stayed after the workout to complete strength — and I gladly joined her!

Sumo dead-lift
5 reps @ 60, 65, % 70% of 1RM

I completed lifts @ 200, 220, & 235#. Lifts felt solid — and easy.

I worked out once again after coaching the 11:45 session. I began by completing tomorrow’s programmed metcon.

7-min AMRAP
1 press, push press, and push jerk from behind the neck @ 50 to 60% of press 1RM and then complete maximum number of burpees in remaining minute

Score = number of burpees

I mistakenly didn’t record, so I’m glad I keep a running count of reps. While I can’t recall how many burpees I did each round, I know that I did complete 15 the first minute and completed a total of 85. Yup, 85. I was a little sweaty and panty when all was said and done.

I rested a few minutes and then completed the metcon programmed for today.

11 RFT
— Bear crawl from blue wall to grey wall and complete 2/leg (alternating legs) box step-ups holding DBs or KBs (24”/20”; coach determines weight of DBs or KBs)
— Bear crawl from grey wall to blue wall and complete 5 unbroken wall ball shots (20#/14# & 10’/9’)

As I was the coach, I determined my weight. Dammit. I chose 35# dumbbells, nearly half of my body weight. Dammit.

I didn’t look at the clock until I completed the very last wall ball shot. Why not? Because as I didn’t have anyone to race, I didn’t want to race the clock — and risk executing poor form.

This was quite a challenging workout. I kid you naught. (Like how I used “naught” instead of “not”?)

Bear crawls went well, and it took my 10 steps to get from the blue wall to the grey wall and vice versa. I completed all rounds of wall ball shots unbroken, i.e., I began with a squat below parallel and hit the target. I did, however, drop the ball during one of the rounds.

Step-ups were beastly, I tell you. Beastly. Seventy pounds began to feel like 140. I did ensure that I squeezed my ass at the top of each step-up. My ass be squozen. That’s a word.

Time = 10:02

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