Burpees & Frank Ocean

Two, two, two mints in one!

I’m trying to say that I worked out twice today, after coaching the 8:30 and 11:45 WODs.

I’m watching Glee as I compose this blog. TMI? It’s my damn blog.

100 front squats @ 50% of 1RM (105#)
EMOTM 2 forward rolls

Yup, that meant I began with 2 vertigo-inducing forward rolls. My only goal was to not put down the barbell during any round. I did, however, come very close to doing so a number of times. I completed 20, 16, 14, 14, 14, 13, & 9 reps, ensuring that I completed 2, you guessed it, vertigo-inducing forward rolls at the top of each minute.

Time = 6:35

Uhm, did I mention that this was tough? Uhm, I forgot to mention that I completed “Flowers” the day before yesterday lifting 95#. Squatting is good for you. Bring Sally up, bring Sally down.

I’m all over the place today. Case in point: I’m going to talk about one-on-one training with GF that took place yesterday. GF critiqued my squats, and for the most part I demonstrate good form. The exception? I need to relearn the OHS. Dammit. GF also critiqued power clean and power C&J. Two words: much improved.

Chord Overstreet needs a haircut.

35 RFT
1 burpee box jump, 30″
1 burpee pull-up
1 burpee toes to bar
1 burpee HSPU

This may have been the most fun workout I’ve ever done. Ever. In my entire life.

Let’s see, how to describe…

I placed the box near the center of the room in front of the pull-up rig and plated an Abmat and plates against the blue wall for HSPUs.

Burpee, jump onto box, jump off of other side of box and immediately complete burpee and pull-up. Complete another burpee with toes to bar, and then finish with a burpee and HSPU. I’d never completed a burpee HSPU, and I honestly don’t know where that idea came from.

I made sure to run from HSPU to box.

I didn’t miss a single rep. Not a single box jump, pull-up, toes to bar, or HSPU.

I had originally planned on completing 30 reps. Having completed a 30 RFT metcon just this past Sunday, I thought to myself, “Why thirty? Why not 31 or even more?”

Did you already do the math? That’s 140 burpees.

Time = 20:30






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