Aknot Sots

Does anyone get the title reference?

Wow, what an exhausting day! I coached all of the sessions and then led Foundations. Let’s see, that’s 8.5 hours not including break time between sessions.

It’s a very good thing that I love my job!

I worked out at 9:45.

Low bar back squat
5 reps @75% of 1RM
3 @ 85%
1 @ 95%

I thought this was going to go poorly, as I was somewhat lethargic this morning. Surprisingly all lifts went well. I squatted 185, 200, & 225#. Luke observed to ensure that I squatted below parallel.

SOTs presses and burpee box jumps
Wow. This was difficult. I had originally planned on completing SOTs presses @ 35#, but just prior to starting the workout heard myself saying (out loud to no one, I might add) “Man the f@ck up.” I put 2, 15# plates on the 15# bar. I also used a 30″ box for jumps. As I’m 66″ tall, that’s almost half my height. Yup, I did the math. The box is .45454545 my height.
I was once again surprised in that the SOTs weren’t as difficult as I thought they were going to be. This isn’t to say that the presses weren’t difficult, because they were, especially as the workout progressed.
Uhm, the burpee box jumps slowed me down if for no other reason that my legs began to feel as if they were on fire. On fire, I tell you! On fire!
I completed all rounds of box jumps unbroken. I didn’t count three SOTs presses, as I began to rise out of the squat before pressing out and finishing. I also had to redo another press as I fell on my ass. Yup, I fell on my ass. Fortunately I now have an ass to fall upon.
Thanks, CrossFit!
For the first time in as long as I can remember, I came very, very close to reaching muscle failure. I completed the round of 2 SOTs presses and 8 box jumps, quickly jumped off the box, placed the bar on my shoulders, squatted — and couldn’t lock out the bar at the top of the press. I brought the bar to my shoulders and once again couldn’t lock out the bar at the top of the press. I attempted one last time and did indeed manage to lock out the bar. Whew. That was close. I completed the last of the box jumps.
Uhm, that’s 90 SOTs presses and box jumps, folks.
Time = 16:52
While a few people completed the workout in a faster time, no one scaled up let alone completed as suggested (although not prescribed). Smart people. Forty-five pounds was freaking heavy, and 33 pounds for a woman would’ve also been freaking heavy.

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