Today’s was “An Eighties Halloween” at CFS, and what a fun day it was! I had the honor and privilege of partnering with Lauren, aka Lurleen Lumpkin, during the 7:30 am WOD. She’s an exceedingly strong athlete, and for the most part we were evenly matched.

For the most part.

She crushed me on the shoulder to overhead. I kinda crushed her on the run.

In teams of 2 or 3 complete 80 (teams or 2) or 81 (teams of 3) reps of the following:
— Shoulder to overhead (95/63)
— SDHP (95/63)

— Weighted lunges (45/33)
— KB swings (52/35)

— Abmat sit-ups
— Abmat back extensions
— Stiff-legged dead-lifts (95/63)
— 800m plate carry with partner(s) running together (25/15) 

Thus we both completed 40 reps of the activities and ran 800m together.

I said, “Lurleen, after all of the ring dips, skin the cats, and ring pull-ups that I completed yesterday, the shoulder to overhead is going to be tough for me. You have been warned.” Lauren began and completed 10 push jerks and I did the same. She again completed 10 push jerks and I again did the same. She completed 10 push jerks.

And I did not.

I completed 5 or 6 (I can’t recall exactly). In other words, I couldn’t keep up with her. Dammit.

We completed the remainder of the activities in sets of 10 reps, if memory serves me. Our exchanges were quick, i.e., I immediately began when she finished and she immediately began when I finished a round.

Running after completing stiff-legged dead-lifts is never fun. Holding a plate while doing so is even less fun. Running with me had to be miserable. Sorry, Lauren!

As we began the run I said, “You set the pace.” I kind of let her do so for the first 400m, but then kind of pushed her the last 400m. I even encouraged her to draft off of me if for no other reason than to give her my nice ass to look at something else to focus on, namely my shapely ass foot strikes.

We finished in 22:39, the fastest time of the day, yo.

Coach Chris was kind enough to lead the 5:15 session. Thanks, Coach Chris! You guessed it, I completed the workout a second time, partnering with new member Jason. I had no desire to complete as prescribed, so with the exception of KB swings I lifted the same weight as chosen by Jason: 65# for shoulder to overhead and 75# for SDHP and dead-lifts. Jason used a 35# I used a 44# KB.

Everything felt much lighter. Jason had very little time to rest. I did, however, truly let him set the pace for the 800m run. We recorded one of the slowest times of the day, and that’s okay.

I can be a very patient person. When I want to be.

Lauren to the far left. USA!
Lauren to the far left. USA!
Me and Stephen finishing our run.
Me and Stephen finishing our run.
The 6:15 crew.
The 6:15 crew.

Fun with SL and K-MO

I have been exceedingly busy as of late. I’m anxious to bring on additional staff.

I completed yesterday’s metcon but have not yet attempted 1RM Sumo dead-lift. Perhaps Thursday.

8-min AMRAP
8 front squats @ 55% of 1RM
8 V-ups GHD sit-ups

For an added challenge, I substituted GHD sit-ups for V-ups. And an added challenge it was. Fifty-five percent of my front squat 1RM is 115#, so that’s what I power cleaned and then front squatted. It was long before the weight began to feel muy heavy. I nonetheless completed all rounds unbroken.

Score = 7 rounds + 8 front squats + 4 GHD sit-ups

Today’s programming included ring skill work, which is tiring enough to demonstrate throughout the day let alone do.

Begin each 3-minute round with 400m run and then complete max reps of the following:
— Pull-ups (or ring pull-ups)
— Ring dips (or skin the cats)
— Pushups (or handstand pushups)
— Slam balls (or slam ball burpees)
— GHD sit-ups, muscle ups, or high box jumps

Rest 1 minute between rounds. 

There were but 2 athletes who attended the 11:45 session, SL and K-MO, so I joined them for the metcon. I trust them both, and know that they focus on form above all else.

The biggest challenge was counting reps while also keeping my eyes on the clock.

My goal was to run each 400m faster than the last round. I ran rounds in 1:27, 1:26, 1:25, 1:24, & 1:22. I didn’t go all out, as I wanted to ensure that I could immediately begin completing activities.

Talk about a shoulder-burner. Uhm, you try completing skin the cats and glancing at the wall clock. Let me know how that works out for you.

In order, I completed the following activities and reps:
HSPUs | 17
33″ box jumps | 22
Skin the cats | 18
Ring pull-ups | 21
GHD sit-ups | 27

Yup, I modified the workout slightly, as I didn’t complete slam balls or slam ball burpees. While I had planned on doing so the last round, my shoulders told my brain “no”. It was a resounding and brainfelt (as opposed to heartfelt) command. I obeyed.

Score = 105



Equipment malfunction


Another great day at CFS! I coached the 9:45 WOD and completed the 11 WOD led by Coach Jeff.

20-min AMRAP
— 24 lateral bar hops
— 2 SOTs presses (45/33)
— 4 barbell jumping air squats 
— 6 burpee pull-ups
— 24 double unders

Rest 3 4 minutes

AFAP 6-minute AMRAP 
101 Tthrusters
Complete 1 wall walk at the top of each minute

It became obvious that more than 3 minutes of rest was needed, and that few if any would be able to complete 101 thrusters. I increased rest time and changed AFAP to AMRAP. I’m just that nice. You’re welcome.

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken, and if there hadn’t been an equipment malfunction I may have been able to do so.

Okay, lateral bar hops, SOTs presses, jumping air squats, and burpee pull-ups shouldn’t — and didn’t — present any problems. It’s sometime difficult, however, to complete numerous rounds of unbroken double unders.

I worked at a steady pace. During the 4th round of double unders I had completed about 15 reps when the screw holding the handle came loose. I said, “Shit. Jeff, can you fix this?” I then began to run to the other end of the box to retrieve a jump rope but then changed my mind and retrieved one of my many Rx jump ropes.

Nope, couldn’t get a single double under after numerous attempts. The rope was too damn short. I yelled “Shit!” once again and then ran to the other end of the box and retrieved a jump rope with a green handle.

And it worked. I completed the remaining reps unbroken.

I had completed exactly 5 rounds when Jeff yelled, “Ten minutes left. You’re halfway there!” I set my goal to complete another 5 rounds.

Mark was working behind me and with a couple of minutes left on the clock said, “I’m a rep ahead of you.” I thought, “Could that be? Did I lose that much time when I putzed around with the jump rope?” I should’ve know better.

Side note: Please note that correct usage of the words “loose” and “lose”.

As there was a rather large crowd I wasn’t able to use the Speal bar, and instead completed burpee pull-ups using one of the very high inside bars.

This white man can jump.

I’m almost certain that I completed 8 instead of 6 burpee pull-ups on one or more occasions. My bad, yo.

I completed 10 rounds + 24 lateral bar hops + 2 SOTs presses + 4 burpee pull-ups.

That’s 264 lateral bar hops, 22 SOTs press, 44 jumping air squats, 64 burpee pull-ups, and 240 double unders.

We rested 4 minutes.

I love wall crawls. I don’t love thrusters. I completed 15 thrusters the first minute but only managed to complete a total of 55 @ 75#, a little more than 50% of body weight.

One above goal, one below goal.

I coached the 8:30, 9:45, and Community WODs this morning. I had planned on working out, and Jeff had agreed to coach, but as often happens I began coaching and, well, just couldn’t stop.

Jeff and I attended CFD’s 5th anniversary celebration. Dave is a great friend, and I’m exceedingly proud of him and his accomplishments. I got to spend time with lots of friends, including Rona, Einar, and (wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…) Amy Scott! I rested the back of my head between her breasts. And it was good.

I worked out solo this afternoon, and completed the programmed WOD.

Overhead Squat

I completed sets @ 85, 95, 105, 115, & 125#. I focused on guidance provided by GF, and OHS went smoothly.

Part A
400m time trial

I more Inov8s and ran 400m in 71 seconds. That last uphill is not fun. Oh, who am I kidding — any running is fun!

Part B
8-minute Tabata alternating dead-lifts (185/135) and rings pushups

I had completed a similar workout when I visited CF Conshy, although the weight of the dead-lifts was a mere 135#. I had completed 12 dead-lifts and 10 ring pushups a round. I’m stronger now, so I set my goal to complete 10 dead-lifts, as the weight was 50# heavier, and 15 ring pushups per round.

Yup, the score was true Tabata, i.e., lowest number of rep in any round is score.

I forgot to wear change into Chuck Taylor shoes. Dammit.

I completed 10 dead-lifts the first round, but as clock hadn’t beeped I completed 1 more for a total of 11. I thought, “That may have been a waste of energy. Time will tell.” I easily completed 15 ring pushups in about 14 seconds.

I continued to complete 11 unbroken dead-lifts, usually in 17 or 18 seconds. I continued to completed 15 unbroken ring pushups until the 7th round, and had to rest after completing 9. Dammit.

Dead-lift became increasingly more challenging, but I was nonetheless able to complete 11 reps each round, even completing the last round in 17 seconds.

I began to experience arm muscle failure, and completed last round of ring pushups in reps of 6, 5, & 3. I had just begun to lock out my elbows on the 15th rep when the timer beeped.

I don’t cheat. Thus was score was 14 for ring pushups. Dammit.

That’s 88 dead-lifts & 119 ring pushups.

I can rest when I want to…

… I can leave all my cares behind.

I enjoyed Wednesday’s WOD, but was nonetheless somewhat sore yesterday. This didn’t prevent me from meeting with GF and working on power cleans and push jerks. As always, I gained much from the experience.

I worked out after coaching the 8:30 session this morning, and for the first time in as long as I can remember I began my workout with skill building. I practiced thrusters, cleans, and push jerks, keeping the weights relatively light and focusing specifically on form. I then completed today’s programmed strength.

Power clean
5 reps @ 75% of 1RM
5 reps @ 80%
5 reps @ 85%

I completed sets @ 110, 115, & 125#. Never did my feet leave the ground.

I then reviewed butterfly pull-ups, and gave them a try. And succeeded. Once I discovered the sequence and then let it happen it, well, happened. Not that I don’t need to practice and gain muscle memory, however.

10-min AMRAP
30 double unders
10 power snatches, 65#

First, I should’ve gone heavier with power snatches, as with improved form the weight felt too light. I nonetheless completed 1 rep at a time, focusing on form. Yup, I know it’s a metcon and it’s supposed to be completed quickly. Yup, that didn’t stop me from slowing down a bit.

I did complete double unders quickly, and completed 3 of the rounds unbroken. Wow. I didn’t realize how difficult double unders would be doing power snatches. My legs felt like lead. I completed 5 rounds + 21 double unders.

I had a moment of panic this morning, and I’m not quite sure why. I’ve been exceedingly busy, often working (coaching, programming, blogging, updating files, etc.) from 5:30 am to 8 pm, with but a short break to walk Luke and, if possible, grab an afternoon power nap. With the exception of July 4, when I was ill, I haven’t had a day off since our Grand Opening back in April. That’s more than a half a year without a day off and/or away from CFS. It’s not even that I’m complaining so much as stating the obvious: I need a break. It might not be until another half of a year until I get one. And you know what? That’s okay.

Because I absolutely love what I do.


Not at all like Chelsea

Ardha Matsyendrasana
Ardha Matsyendrasana

I rested yesterday. While not planned, but my mind and body insisted that I do so.

And it was good.

I worked out at 9:45, completing today’s programmed WOD.

And it was tough.

Every other minute for 32 minutes (16 rounds)
4 chest to bar pull-ups

8 ring dips
12 medicine ball cleans (20)
24 double unders

I set up the equipment and then made a numbered list from 1 to 16. My goal was to complete all chest to bar pull-ups and medicine ball cleans unbroken, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to complete ring dips unbroken and knowing that it was highly unlikely that I’d complete 16 rounds of 24 double unders unbroken.

My times fluctuated wildly, as my fastest round (round 7) was 1:11 and my slowest round (round 9) was 1:30.

I completed all rounds of chest to bar pull-ups, ring dips, and medicine ball cleans unbroken, and 4 rounds of double unders unbroken as well.

There were quite a few times when I was convinced that, while I knew I’d be able to complete all rounds within 2 minutes, I would have to take a 2-minute rest. This workout was as much psychological as it was physical.

Of all of the activities, medicine ball cleans were by far the most awful. Completing double unders after so many freaking medicine ball cleans wasn’t much fun either. My slowest rounds, obviously, were those in which I stumbled — literally — with double unders. If I was able to get into a rhythm by the 3rd double under all was good. If I found it difficult to settle into a rhythm, well, things didn’t go so well.

Back to medicine ball cleans. Twelve reps seemed like an ungodly amount. Who programs this shit? During the last rounds I would count up to 6 and then down from 6. I don’t know why. Also during one of the last rounds I thought, “Puppies dogs and unicorns.” I did indeed think of frolicking puppies and that made me smile.

I don’t much care for unicorns.

I completed all 16 rounds with an accumulated time of 21:32.

I wonder what this would be like as a 16-round AFAP?

Oh, and for those of you keeping score at home, that’s 64 chest to bar pull-ups, 128 ring dips (!), 192 (!!) medicine ball cleans, and 384 double unders.

I was going to put 3 exclamation marks after “384”, but it hurt my brain to think of “3” before “double”.

May Day! May Day!


Oh, how I love a clean box.

I coached the 6 & 7:15 WODs and 8:30 Boot Camp. I thoroughly enjoy leading the Boot Campers! T. did request Jeff, though. Hee! He’s a hell of a lot nicer than I am.

Ms. May attended the Boot Camp, resplendent in her rowing jacket. ‘Twas a challenging workout, yo. May stayed after the workout to complete strength — and I gladly joined her!

Sumo dead-lift
5 reps @ 60, 65, % 70% of 1RM

I completed lifts @ 200, 220, & 235#. Lifts felt solid — and easy.

I worked out once again after coaching the 11:45 session. I began by completing tomorrow’s programmed metcon.

7-min AMRAP
1 press, push press, and push jerk from behind the neck @ 50 to 60% of press 1RM and then complete maximum number of burpees in remaining minute

Score = number of burpees

I mistakenly didn’t record, so I’m glad I keep a running count of reps. While I can’t recall how many burpees I did each round, I know that I did complete 15 the first minute and completed a total of 85. Yup, 85. I was a little sweaty and panty when all was said and done.

I rested a few minutes and then completed the metcon programmed for today.

11 RFT
— Bear crawl from blue wall to grey wall and complete 2/leg (alternating legs) box step-ups holding DBs or KBs (24”/20”; coach determines weight of DBs or KBs)
— Bear crawl from grey wall to blue wall and complete 5 unbroken wall ball shots (20#/14# & 10’/9’)

As I was the coach, I determined my weight. Dammit. I chose 35# dumbbells, nearly half of my body weight. Dammit.

I didn’t look at the clock until I completed the very last wall ball shot. Why not? Because as I didn’t have anyone to race, I didn’t want to race the clock — and risk executing poor form.

This was quite a challenging workout. I kid you naught. (Like how I used “naught” instead of “not”?)

Bear crawls went well, and it took my 10 steps to get from the blue wall to the grey wall and vice versa. I completed all rounds of wall ball shots unbroken, i.e., I began with a squat below parallel and hit the target. I did, however, drop the ball during one of the rounds.

Step-ups were beastly, I tell you. Beastly. Seventy pounds began to feel like 140. I did ensure that I squeezed my ass at the top of each step-up. My ass be squozen. That’s a word.

Time = 10:02