3rd Xander Tribute


Today marks two years since Xander died. It’s a very sad day indeed. I coached all three of the workouts at CFS this morning, and am confident that no one could tell how sad I was.

I should be an actor.

Jeff and I enjoyed a late lunch, and I then returned to the box to once again complete the Xander Tribute WOD solo.

Just as in the previous two years, I did 6 rounds of the WOD solo, modifying slightly. I was, however, a bit discombobulated. Read on.

Complete 6 rounds of 13 reps of the following (except running) as fast as possible:
X jumps, 24”
All balls, 10” wall ball & 10’ target
kettle bell swi
Ngs 52#
Dead-lifts, 170#
Run 400m 200m

For whatever reason, I had it in my mind to run 200 instead of 400 meters at the end of each round. At the end of the very first round I thought: I’m not ready for box jumps yet. I wish I could run farther before starting up again.

Silly Paul.

Math. Gah. I kept doing the math in my head, and it sounded something like this: Two hundred, 400, 600, 800, 1000. If I run 200 meters after the first 5 rounds I will have run 1000 meters. I’ll need to run 600 meters more and then another mile so that I run a total of 2 miles. Is this what I did last year? If I run 200 meters after the sixth round I will have run 1200 meters. I’ll need to run 400 meters 5 more times.

Uhm, I’m not sure if I ran 200 at the end of the sixth round. As I was completing the very last of the 5, 400m runs I thought: I can’t remember if I ran 200 meters. If I did, I’m done. If I didn’t, I have another 200 meters to run. I’d better run 200 meters just to be sure.

Thus, my time was either 39:20 or 40:21. I didn’t record today’s WOD. Dammit. Thus I’m declaring 40:21 as my time, and that’s 29 seconds slower than last year.

But it was an altogether different workout ending with more than a mile and a quarter run.

I kept thinking of Xander, and how much I still miss him.

Okay, some details. I completed all rounds of box jumps, wall balls, KB swings, and burpees unbroken. I completed all but first round of dead-lifts in 2 sets (but for whatever reason took 3 sets the first round). I completed rounds 2 through 4 of dead-lifts in sets of 7 & 6, and the last rounds in sets of 8 & 5.

It was just 170#, but dead-lifts felt very, very, very heavy.

I have yet to complete this as a partner WOD. Maybe I’ll have my chance to do so tomorrow…

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