GF Training

I “rested” yesterday in that I only practiced snatches. Yup, I practiced snatches. Yup, I like snatches. Nope, I never thought I’d ever say that phrase. 

I had blood drawn for  health insurance, so I had to fast until noon. I never feel altogether present when hungy. As there was an odd-number of athletes at the 6am Boot Camp, I was P.’s partner. She’s a strong athlete, so it was a pleasure to work out with her. 

Partner WOD
3, 6-min AMRAPs; 2-min rest between activities
1, 2, 3…
Wall ball (14)
Box jumps (20)
Slam balls (20)

I’m glad the box was low and the weights were light. P and I both did all reps unbroken. What fun! 

Today I once again met with GF for one-one-one Olympic weightlifting coaching. Today’s focus was the clean. And it was good. I’ve learned an incredible amount in a very short amount of time, and will continue training for, well, as long as needed. 

That might be for the rest of my life. 

After 1-hour session I completed metcon and strength. 

6-min AMRAP
3 strict chest to bar pull-ups
3 negative handstand pushups (4″)

I focused, of course, on form. This was tough. I completed 7 rounds + 3 pull-ups and 1 pushup. I had 2 failed attempts at HSPUs with 20 seconds remaining. Oh, well. 

High bar back squat
1 rep EMOTM for as long as possible
Begin at bodyweight and increase weight by 5# every round

This was challenging. And enjoyable! My goal was to complete HBBS at 225#, just 5# shy of 1RM. I did attempt rep at 230# but got caught in the hole. Eighteen minutes. 


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