It concerns me that “bootylicious” didn’t appear as a misspelled word. Going on.

Lunging 500m and completing close to 500 Abmat sit-ups made me, well, quite sore. I nonetheless coached the 2 sessions at CFS this morning, and a good time was had by, well, some.

I worked out at 3:30 this afternoon and completed tomorrow’s WOD. I very much like it, as the focus is on the upper body. No legs, well, other than power snatches.

EMOTM for 24 and up to 32 minutes complete 3 reps of the following 4 activities, cycling through the activities:
A. Power snatches 
— 75/53 men less than 200# and women less than 160#
— 85/63 men 200# or greater and women 160# or greater
B. Negative pushups (5″/3″)
C. Chin-ups
D. Ring dips or box jumps (24/20)

On the first minute complete 3 power snatches, negative pushups, and chin-ups. On the second minute complete 3 negative pushups, chin-ups, and ring dips (or box jumps for those of you who did not complete yesterday’s WOD). On the third minute complete 3 chin-ups, ring dips or box jumps, and power snatches.

I power snatched 75#, used 45 & 25# plates for negative pushups, completed kipping chin-ups, and completed dead-hang ring dips (for an added challenge).

I wore pink Lululemon shorts and a grey V-neck tee shirt. I looked abulous.

I love power snatches. Huh? When the hell did that happen?

It wasn’t until after the 4th round that I thought, “Keep track of time.” It wasn’t until the 5th round that I began to pick up the pace. For example, it took me 28, 26, & 24 seconds the first time I completed 3 power snatches, negative pushups, and chin-ups the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd times, respectively.

I completed all rounds of 3 reps unbroken, as well I should. I brought bar to mid-thigh and then floor between reps of and after last power snatch(es), as well I should.

Total rounds = 32
Total work time = 11:47
Total reps = 72 of each activity; 288 total

Rounds of pushups, chin-ups, and ring dips went much faster than any round that included power snatches. Yup.


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