My kind of fun

Look at the body. I work out!
Look at the body. I work out!

I worked out at 7 this morning, as I didn’t have to take Luke to Doggie Village as he’ll be spending the weekend with his grandparents. And their 3, count them, 3 dogs.

Before I talk about my favorite subject (me!), a shout out to Emily who completed unassisted pull-ups for the entire WOD! It’s awesome as a coach to see someone who has not only the competence but the commitment to succeed.

5 @ 60, 65, & 70% or 1RM

I like de-load week. Reps @ 85, 95, & 100#. Uhm, I’m confident that my true 1RM is greater than 145#. Damn bad day when attempting 1RM.

19 min total
3-min AMRAP (min 0 – 3)
5 front squats (70% of push-jerk 1RM)
5 back squats
5 pull-ups 
Rest 2 minutes (min 3 – 5)
5-min AMRAP (min 5 – 10)
4 front squats (65% of push-jerk 1RM)
4 back squats
4 pull-ups
Rest 2 minutes (min 10 – 12)
7-min AMRAP (min 12 – 19)

3 front squats (60% of push-jerk 1RM)
3 back squats
3 pull-ups

  • Each round will begin with front squats, i.e., don’t start a new round where you left off.
  • You may not complete a full squat clean for first front squat rep; thus power clean the bar to your shoulders and then complete a front squat.
  • After completing last front squat rep, press, push-press, or push-jerk the bar overhead and rest on shoulders behind neck.
  • After completing last back squat rep, press, push-press, or push-jerk the bar overhead, bring to front of shoulders, mid-thigh, and to the floor. You may not drop the bar behind you.

Just 100, 95, & 85#? I decided instead to complete lifts based either upon 80, 75, & 65# of push-jerk 1RM or 70, 65, & 60% of what my push-jerk 1RM should be. You decide. I care naught.

I completed squats @ 115, 107.5, & 100#. My goals were to complete all rounds unbroken, i.e., FS, BS, & pull-ups, and to not move placement of hands on barbell, i.e., not spread hands wide for back squats.

Done and done.

3-min AMRAP = 3 rounds + 5 reps | 50 reps total
5-min AMRAP = 5 rounds + 10 reps | 70 reps total
7-min AMRAP = 9 rounds | 81 reps total
Total = 201 reps

Total front squats = 20+24+27 | 71 reps total
Total back squats = 15+24+27 | 66 reps total
Total pull-ups = 15+22+27 | 64 reps total

I am pleased with the consistency of my pacing throughout the workout. Yup, I recorded and reviewed (in         s     l     o     o     o     o     o     w        motion) to ensure that form was good. It was. I’ll gladly show you the recording. I also followed all of the requirements. Uhm, that’s a given.


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