Alexus is my…

Abs, yo.
Abs, yo.
Alexus IS my favorite. If I had favorites. Which I do.
Alexus IS my favorite. If I had favorites. Which I do.


I worked out with the 6 am crew this morning. Another “fun” workout…


Work up to the heaviest set of 3 strict shoulder presses that you can effectively complete. 

For whatever reason, I felt particularly strong this morning. My goal was to press at least 85% of current 1RM of 125#. I completed sets @ 65, 85, 95, 105, & 115# — 90% of 1RM. I could’ve even possibly gone heavier today. I’m glad that I did not, if for no other reason than the weight would’ve been heavier for the metcon.

10-min AMRAP
1 Push press, front squat, & thruster
2 Push presses, front squats, & thrusters
3 Push presses, front squats, & thrusters
Complete 5 knees to elbows between each round
Use 65 to 75% of 3RM press

There was much confusion regarding rep scheme. I helped to clarify.

Always read the WOD blog, CFSers.

Push press, front squat, and thruster. Not push press, front squat, another front squat, and another push press. One push press, 1 front squat, 1 thruster, and 5 toes to bar. Then 2 push presses, 2 front squats, 2 thrusters, and 5 toes to bar. Not 1 push press, 1 front squat, and 1 thruster and then another push press, front squat, and thruster. That’s an altogether different workout.

Going on.

I knew this was going to be tough, and it was. I am honestly not sure how many rounds or reps I completed, as Emily said she completed 8 rounds and I was a round behind her. If that’s the case, I completed 7 rounds + 19 reps. If not, I completed 6 rounds + 17 reps. Let’s got with that.

The only thing that’s certain is that I completed 3 thrusters the last round and that I completed all rounds of T2B unbroken. Other than that, it’s a miserable blur.

That’s 28 push press, 28 front squats, 24 thrusters, and 30 toes to bar at almost 68% of body weight, yo.

I worked out again (I know, right?) at 1 pm to complete tomorrow’s programmed WOD so as to know what to expect.


1 Clean & Jerk (75% of body weight)
2 Turkish get-ups (1/arm)
3 Sumo dead-lift high pulls
4 Shoulder to overhead (press, push press, and/or push jerk)
5 Lateral box jumps (24)
6 Chest to bar pull-ups
7 Plyometric pushups
8 Kettle bell swings (52)
9 Toes to bar
10 Wall balls (20)
800m run

Begin by completing 1 C & J. Next, complete 2 TGUs (1/arm) and 1 C & J. Then complete 3 SDHPs, 2 TGUs, and 1 C & J. Continue.

Uhm, 105# is 75% of bodyweight. Uhm, I had already completed quite a few presses, push presses, and thrusters @ 95# just a few hours earlier. SEE ABOVE, FOOLS.

For Turkish get-ups I used a 15# barbell and put 2, 10# & 2.5# plates on the ends of the bar for a total of 40#. That was plenty heavy enough.

Nothing was easy today. Not a thing. Nothing. Not. A. Thing.

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. I was a slippery mess, so much so that the wall ball slipped out of my hands after the 8th rep of the 10th round. Dammit. Damn it. Damn. It.

Let me go on record as saying that barbell Turkish get-ups are exceedingly challenging when completed in a metcon. To add insult to injury, I had taken off my shirt midway through the workout. Upon completing each and every Turkish get-up, there would be a pool of tears sweat on the floor. My foot slid on more than one occasion — but I didn’t miss a single rep.

Time = 36:57

A few things to note:

  • I’d much rather split jerk than push jerk.
  • It was easier to do Turkish get-ups with left arm; thus I began each set with right arm.
  • Barbell Turkish get-ups are much, much more difficult than kettle bell and/or dumbbell TGUs.
  • Lateral box jumps are difficult, but were a welcome relief.
  • Sumo dead-lifts high pulls at a mere 10# heavier than what I normally use for a metcon felt, well, 50# heavier.
  • It was very difficult completing this metcon solo. I would’ve like some company.
  • I reviewed recording, and every damn rep counted.
  • I have defined abs.
  • In order from least to most difficult: running, lateral box jumps, KB swings, C2B pull-ups, plyo pushups, toes to bar, C & J, wall balls, SDHP, TGUs, & S2O.


2 thoughts on “Alexus is my…

  1. First off love the tee Alexus…not too shocking to see those abs Paul. As far as the workout for tomorrow it took me a few reads to realize how many times I will be doing everything. Not sure if I should wake up early and get it over with or just know that Wednesday night I will fall asleep right after I eat…..decisions decisions.

  2. You were well into round 7, as you and Emily were just ahead of me. I completed round 7 with just 5 seconds remaining. I would lay a chip down after completing a round, I believe Emily was doing the same.

    While I am due for a rest day, tomorrow’s WOD reminds me of “the 12 days of cross fit WOD” I did last christmas at CFD, and darn it just seems like a challengingly good time.

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