Paul Sandwich


I attended the 8:30 WOD coached by Jeff. This was a tremendous amount of fun!

Benchmark WOD “Barbara”
5 rounds for time:
— 20 pull-ups
— 30 pushups
— 40 Abmat sit-ups
— 50 air squats
Rest 3 minutes between rounds. Subtract 12 minutes rest time from total time.

I last completed this benchmark WOD on October 2011 in a time of 20:22 (rounds in 3:58, 4:06, 4:10, 4:08, and 4:00). I made sure to record my time and splits so that I’d have a goal time to shoot for today.

I claimed “my” spot on the pull-up rig, with Lauren to my right and Ashlee (sharing the Speal bar) to my left.

In addition to a time goal, I set a goal to complete all rounds of pull-ups, sit-ups, and air squats unbroken. I knew, however, that I wouldn’t be able to complete 30 pushups unbroken, so it wouldn’t have been a SMART goal.

I like working out with others, and Ashlee and Lauren were a pleasure to have my my side. Ashlee and I did occasionally bump elbows while doing pull-ups, but I’d quickly move a little to my right. She may have stolen some of my mojo.

I completed 20 unbroken pull-ups and was the first off of the bar. I completed pushups in reps of 20 & 10 and was the first to begin sit-ups. I completed unbroken sit-ups and air squats. I didn’t look at the clock until I completed the round. My time was 3:16, much faster than I expected. I knew then that I’d achieve a PR.

I rested 3 minutes between rounds as required. That’s a looooong time for me to rest. I began the second round alone, and I could sense folks watching me. And my awesomeness. Sorry for being so awesome.

I completed the second round in 3:23 with all unbroken activities except pushups, completing in reps of 10, 10, 5, & 5.

I completed the third round in 3:20. Why 3 seconds faster than the previous round? Because Lauren and Ashlee had begun air squats and were squatting on either side of me! Yup, I can be somewhat competitive. Again, sorry for being so awesome.

I completed the fourth round in 3:27, again with all activities unbroken except pushups. I completed in sets of 5 to 10.

The last round was the hardest. I nonetheless completed all activities unbroken except pushups, completing in sets of 3 to 10. I had slowed down considerably, and completed the round in 3:40.

Thus, there was a 23 second difference between my first and last round. I’m pleased.

I called time at 29:06.

Time = 17:06. That’s a PR by 3:31.

Goals achieved, yo.

As an aside, Coach Jeff was watching me like a hawk, particularly when I was doing air squats. Afterward I asked, “Were you making sure I broke parallel and extended my hips at the top of the squat?” He said, “Yes, as you were doing them so fast I wanted to make sure your form was correct.” I replied, “And I broke parallel and extended my hips on each and every rep, didn’t I?”

Jeff rolled his eyes and said, “Yes, you did.”

Practice what you preach.


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