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Large groups at 6, 8:30, & 6:30 (17!) and small groups at 11:45 (just 2), 4, & 5:15. Quite a few recent Foundations graduates attended sessions today, and that’s always much fun!

I worked out at 9:45. I had planned on attempting 1RM HBBS, but my hip flexors are somewhat sore. Damn 90 snatches.

I instead completed the partner WOD, albeit with just me, myself, and I.

16-min AMRAP
Partner WOD
— 10 dead-lifts (150% body weight)
— 15 burpees
— 20 slam balls (30) 
Partners alternate activities. One partner holds plank while her/his partner completes all reps of activities. If plank is not held, reps do not count.
For example, Partner A completes 10 dead-lits as Partner B holds plank. Partner B then completes 15 burpees as Partner A holds plank.
Partner A completes 20 slam balls as Partner B holds plank. If Partner B is unable to hold plank, Partner A completes slam balls — but 20 reps do not count! 
Athlete may not begin activity until partner is holding plank.

Uhm, yeah, so I couldn’t very well alternate activities. What I did instead was hold a plank for the length of time it took me to complete reps, e.g., 20-second plank for 10 dead-lifts (on average), 40 to 45 seconds for burpees, and 40 to 45 seconds for slam balls.

It was quite humorous to review recording, as I talked out loud quite frequently. “That was 10 seconds. Start plank at 15. Hold plank until 25. Burpees begin at 30.”

I worked continuously, and began activity or plank hold on the 5 second mark.

I completed 4 rounds + 15 burpees (i.e., 10 dead-lifts, 20-second plank, and 15 burpees).

Thus, if 2 rounds included activities and plank holds, I completed 8 rounds + .5 burpees. Right? I love math!

I did, however, mistakenly only put 125% of bodyweight on dead-lift bar, and I was quite upset with myself for having done so. I hate math!

There was an odd number of people at the 6:30 WOD, so I partnered with Pam. Poor Pam. I truly do feel sorry for anyone who partners with me, as I can be somewhat difficult to keep up with. And I’m demanding. I know, right? That’s hard to believe.

I did put 150% of bodyweight on bar this time.

Pam was a trooper, and I encouraged her to rest when needed. I did not call a rest during plank hold or activities, nor did I rest during plank hold when she rested during activity. And that’s okay.

We completed 6 rounds + 5 dead-lifts. That’s pretty damn good.

Totals for the day:
80 dead-lifts
120 burpees
140 slam balls

Loooooong time holding plank, yo.

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