I like drinking beer.
I like drinking beer.

Friday and Saturday were grueling. I changed the WOD that I had originally programmed for today– and I’m very glad that I did. CFSers seemed to enjoy as well.

I coached the 9:45 and Jeff coached the 11 session. I had the pleasure of partnering with John M. He’s quite a strong man.

With a running clock, choose no less than 5 and up to all of the activities and take no more than 7 minutes/activity to establish the following:

  • Max height box jump
  • Max length lateral broad jump
  • Max height vertical jump
  • Max weight pull-up
  • Max weight ring dip
  • Max weight pushup 
  • Max distance slam ball throw (30/20)

Then, cash out with max distance 5-min row

Choose any order to complete activities. Use weight vest and/or belt for weighted pull-ups and ring dips, and plates for weighted pushup.

John and I began with box jumps. My legs are still tired from yesterday, so I was pleased that I managed to jump 37.5″. Not my best, but certainly better than I expected to do.

Weighted pushups are always a challenge. I somewhat successfully completed a pushup @ 115#, but as the plates slid before I locked elbows, I redid rep. I then unsuccessfully attempted 125 and 120#.

John and I moved to the broad jump. Uhm, I suck at this, and only managed jump all of 6″ 2.5″.

Weighted pull-ups are never fun. I successfully completed reps @ 45 & 50, missed @ 60, completed at 55, and then was able to successfully complete a rep @ 60#.

I threw that damn slam ball 13′ 8″.

I didn’t came close to my PR for weighted ring dip. Perhaps I should’ve started with ring dips. I only dipped 100#.

I was on my own for vertical jump. I saved the worst for last. I jumped 8″ 8′. Not bad for a short, middle-aged man.

I didn’t row. Why not? Because I ran out of time — and I was exhausted!

I really enjoyed working about with the athletes that I coach. I can’t wait until Jeff coaches some of the 6am sessions so that I can do so more often.

May, I would’ve said something nice about you if you had represented.

I am very proud of Kelly and Rona in particular, as both achieved max height box jumps! Of all of the activities that we completed today, box jumps are the most fear inducing. Nice job, Kelly and Rona!

One thought on “Max

  1. I kind of like the idea of this WOD, granted I said idea. Maybe I will run with this towards the end of my current training. Make it a benchmark of sorts. I like this quote, “Not bad for a short, middle-aged man.” I’m sure that middle-aged man could keep up with or pass many of those young bucks. Keep up the good work.

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