Thursday Thoughts

Ameron and Kelly to the far left of picture.
Ameron and Kelly to the far left of picture.

My very good friend Kelly and her lovely daughter Ameron visited CrossFit Surmount yesterday. Jeff has known Kelly since junior high, and they reconnected via Facebook. I, of course, met Kelly through Jeff. I’d like to think that I sparked her interest in CrossFit. Kelly is now an L1 coach at CrossFit Coastal in Wilmington, where she resides.

Yes, Kelly and Ameron traveled all the way from Wilmington just to visit, work out, and share a meal. That’s a true friend, ladies and gentlemen.

Kelly and Ameron both did Option D as prescribed. Wow!

Kelly’s and Ameron’s visit meant much to me. Which leads me to my next thought…

CFS has now been open almost 4 months, yet very few friends and not a single former co-worker have visited. Many of Jeff’s friends have, and many of his friends have recommended CFS to others. I’ll leave it at that. Almost. I’ll leave it with this: The ship has sailed, folks. The ship. Has sailed.

I attended Open Gym this morning from 6 to 7, coached Boot Camp from 7 to 7:45, and spent much of the rest of the day cleaning the box. I did, however, have an opportunity to complete 5 sets of 3 reps of split-jerks @ 95#. I miss split-jerking, and am looking forward to our upcoming strength cycle.

Emily was practicing handstand pushups, and a group of us began talking about the recent CF Games and deficit handstand pushups. I began to demonstrate, beginning with 45# plates. That went well, so I added 2 more 45# plates. That went well, so I added more and more plates, eventually completing a couple of 12′ deficit handstand pushups.

It’s not disconcerting for me to be upside down, but it is disconcerting to have my arms that high above my head when I’m upside down. Nonetheless, I kipped the pushups and completed with full range of motion — and without my feet dropping from the wall.

10 RFT
31 unbroken double unders
10 twisting box jumps (even # right/odd # left), 24″
30-second unbroken plank hold

Why 31 double unders? Why not?!

I completed unbroken double unders for all rounds but 2 and 7, missing the 4th rep both times. I’d much prefer that that happen than missing the 30th. Plank holds are not an issue, although doing so after — and right before — double unders was a bit challenging.

Time = 16:25.

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