550 reps

Sweaty butt print I left on the plyo box.
Sweaty butt print I left on the plyo box.
Self-portrait taken after the workout. That's Michelle, Angie, Ashlee, and Jeff.
Self-portrait taken after the workout. That’s Michelle, Angie, Ashlee, and Jeff.

I coached the 9:45 and Jeff coached the 11 session. I enjoy when Jeff coaches, but he needs to pay more attention to me. And take pictures of me.

Uhm, I completed well over 100 snatches, pushups, and ring rows just yesterday. I had contemplated substituting activities for snatches, pushups, and ring rows, but thought this might give the wrong impression to CFSers that I was working out with. So I manned up. I manned up real good.

The following is the posted WOD:

Complete 10 rounds of 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, & 10 reps. You choose the activity. Any activity may only be completed for 1 round.
— burpees
— double unders
— jumping lunges 
— slam balls
— KB swings 
— ground to overhead (barbell, KBs, or DBs)
— shoulder to overhead (barbell, KBs, or DBs)
— box jumps
— pushups
— ring rows

As you can see, you can make the workout as challenging — or as easy — as you like. There are no prescribed weights or heights. Focus on executing proper form throughout. Use the same weight for ground and shoulder to overhead.

Unlike many workouts, there will be no scaling allowed during the workout. For example, if you choose to jump 30″, complete all box jumps at that height. You’ll want to carefully choose weights and height. When in doubt, ask the coach. That’s me.

You must complete all 100 reps of the first round and activity before beginning the round of 90. For example, complete 100 KB swings and then complete 90 double unders.

After much thought, I planned on completing the following:

100 double unders
90 box jumps, 30″
80 push-ups
70 jumping lunges/leg
60 slam balls, 30#
50 burpees
40 ring rows
30 KB swings, 52#
20 push jerks, 75#
10 power snatches, 75#

I quickly discovered the error of my ways and instead completed the following:

100 double unders
90 box jumps, 30″
80 push-ups
70 slam balls, 30#
60 jumping lunges/leg
50 ring rows
40 KB swings, 52#
30 burpees
20 push jerks, 75#
10 power snatches, 75#

I completed 100 unbroken double unders — the first time I’ve ever done so! As soon as I did I yelled, “One hundred unbroken double unders — a PR!” No one stopped what they were doing to applaud. I was crushed. Ha!

I completed box jumps in sets of 10. I did miss the 27th jump and scraped my left leg. Dammit. Fortunately, I didn’t hurt myself too badly. Yes, I re-did the 27th jump.

I also did slam balls in sets of 10. However, I didn’t full stand up after the 30th and 40th reps, so I completed an additional 2 reps at the end of the last set. I didn’t much enjoy completing 12 slam balls for the last set, but I did so. I began sitting on the box between sets and continued to do so for the remainder of the workout.

I love jumping lunges. I completed in sets of 10.

I don’t like KB swings. I completed in sets of 10.

I usually love burpees, but I didn’t much care for them today. I was pretty much spent by that time, and labored through them. I completed in sets of 5, 5, 10, 10, and 12. Why the additional 2? Because I didn’t jump and clap on 2 occasions. Dammit.

I completed push jerks in reps of 12 & 8. My shoulders were still smoked from yesterday’s workout, but push jerks nonetheless went well.

I completed 10 power snatches. One. At. A. Time. I also grunted very loudly as I completed each rep. I offer no apologies. My snatch form, as I mentioned yesterday, has improved significantly.

I yelled “Time!” at 32:32.

That was tough. Very, very tough.


Snatches and rings, yo.

Have I mentioned that my hamstrings are sore? And my abs as well?

I coached the 8:45, 10, and Community WODs. As usual, it was a full house at the Community WOD with well over 20 folks attending. How awesome is that? A former running friend, Mike W., attended the Community WOD, and it was nice seeing him, well, not running.

I took a looooong nap this afternoon, and didn’t make it back to the box until after 4. By that time I was less sore. Slightly less sore, at least.

My weakest lift is the snatch. You’re only as strong as your weakest lift, so today was all about the snatch. The hero WOD “Randy” consists of 75, 75# power snatches for time. There was no way in hell that I was going to do 75, 75# snatches, power or otherwise. As the focus was on form, I snatched a mere 45#.

I don’t care how light the weight is, when you complete that many reps the weight gets heavy. In retrospect, however, I could’ve gone heavier.

My form improved significantly as I progressed. I focused on looking straight ahead, extending my hips, shrugging my shoulders, locking out the bar overhead, and squatting below parallel. I’ve reviewed the recording and I’m pleased with my progress. I completed 75 reps in 7:05. Weird, huh…

That was a great warm up for practicing full squat snatch. I completed between 10 and 3 reps, reviewing the recording after each set. Snatches have never felt more solid, and I attribute much of that to the focus on overhead squatting as well. My goal was to successfully snatch 75#. I started at 45# and increased weight by 5# each set. Seventy-five pounds felt absolutely delightful!

I mentioned that my hamstrings and abs are sore. I completed 124 pull-ups yesterday but felt no soreness in my arms — until the metcon began.

Ring pushups
Ring rows

I decided on beginning the ladder at my lucky number 14 as the reps added up to 105. Rings rows haven’t been a challenge in the past. They were today! My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken, but that didn’t happen.

And I suck at counting. And math.

I completed all rounds of ring pushups unbroken, and rounds of 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, & (duh) 1 unbroken.

I don’t cheat. If I miss a rep, I make sure that I re-do. If I’m not sure what round I’m on, I always re-do that as well.

For example, I didn’t successfully complete the last rep of the 7th round of ring rows, so I re-did. After completing the round of 6 ring pushups I thought, “Is this really round 6? Have I already done round 7?” The additional ring row threw off my counting, I suppose. While completing the round of 6 ring rows I thought, “Do what you’d tell any athlete to do. Do another round of 6 just to make sure.” And that’s what I did.

Uhm, even that math isn’t correct.

I have since reviewed the recording and, yup, I did the round of 6 twice; thus, instead of 105 reps of ring pushups and ring rows, I completed 111.

Time = 8:43.

I consider today a breakthrough day for the snatch. [Insert inappropriate comments here.]


Nope, not a badge of honor.

I haven’t been this sore after completing a WOD for as long as I can remember. The combination of GHD back extensions, GHD sit-ups, toes to bar, and stiff-legged dead-lifts left me hobbling most of the day. I may rename the machine the HGD for Hamstring Glute Developer, as sequential placement emphasizes importance.

I coached the 6 am Boot Camp and then visited Dr. Dave at Brennan Chiropractic. He commented, “You’re very tight.” Yup. I coached the 8:30 WOD, ran some errands, worked on programming, took Luke for a walk, and then coached the 11:45 WOD. It was then my time to work out.

My hamstrings were so tight that I didn’t even contemplate attempting an OHS 1RM or completing “Jackie”.

Benchmark WOD “Nicole”
20-min AMRAP
Run 400m
Maximum number of pull-ups

So why would I run if my hamstrings were so tight? Because there’s no better way to loosen tight hamstrings than by running.

I last completed this WOD a little over a year ago with a score of 130 pull-ups. I didn’t achieve or exceed that score today, and I know why. Read on. But before you do, a little note about the weather. It’s hot and humid. The temperature outside was is the mid 90s and it was even hotter in the box. I was a sweaty mess from start to finish. I did not take off my shirt  nor did I drink a single sip of water for reason that I shall not share on this blog. Ok? Ok.

I mapped a new 400m route that went from the back of the box into the RV parking lot and by some of the the storage units and then back.

I am somewhat of a purist. I completed all pull-ups with regular, i.e., not mixed, grip.

I completed 8 rounds for a total of 2 miles. I completed 20 unbroken & 5 single pull-ups, 20 & 1, 15 & 1, 15 & 1, 12 & 1, 12 & 1, 10, and 10. For whatever reason today, once I was done, well, I was done. With the exception of the first round, I could only complete 1 additional pull-up after completing many unbroken.

The 7th round was miserable in that I literally slipped off of the bar after completing the 10th rep. I had planned on completing 13 and am confident that I could have. Dammit. Not only did I slip from the bar, the callous underneath my middle finger of my left hand tore. I felt searing pain. Dammit. I quickly glanced at the clock and saw that I had less than 2 minutes remaining in the WOD. I took off running and returned to the box with just 20 seconds remaining. My hand hurt, but I was bound and determined to get in as many pull-ups as I could. I had just completed the 10th when the clock beeped signaling the end of the 20 minutes. Dammit.

I don’t consider tearing one’s hands to be a badge of honor. I should’ve taped my hands, but I chose not to for reasons that I won’t share on this blog. Ok? Ok.

I completed 124 pull-ups, 6 shy of PR.

And that’s okay.

I coached the 5:15 WOD and Jeff was kind enough to coach the warm up and strength for the 6:3o WOD.

I witnessed Jay de Leon snatch 200#. Wow! He’s so freaking strong!

Establish 1RM

I did just that, squatting 130#, 15# more than most recent PR and tying all-time PR. I’ll take it. I attempted 140# 2 times. I shouldn’t have been so greedy and should’ve instead attempted 135#. Uhm, 130 is 90% of my body weight.

And that’s okay.

Just one hour later…

… and I’m feeling it already.

I rested yesterday if for no other reason than I couldn’t make the time to work out. Owning a business is time consuming. And I love every second of that time.

If truth be told, I needed a rest day.

I coached the Boot Camps this morning, met with an athlete to discuss her goals, met with the coaches to discuss the new schedule, watched the last 30 minutes of la Tour, returned numerous calls about, well, CrossFit Surmount, and I also talked with someone who may want to hire me as a consultant. I don’t know, however, if I’m willing to trod down that path again.

I worked out at 2:30 this afternoon. And it was tough.

Bench press
20 unbroken reps @ 50, 55, & 60% 0f 1RM

As my newly achieved 1RM is 185, I completed sets at 90, 100, & 110#. I should say that I completed 2 sets, as I was only able to complete 17 reps before racking the bar on the last set. It’s difficult to BP without a spotter, yo.

Weighted ring dips
Establish 1RM

I haven’t done weighted ring dips in ages. I worked up to a single at 110#, and if memory serves me this is a PR. The most difficult part was completing dips without banging the insides of my legs with kettle bells. Ouch. Let me say that again: ouch.

Hero WOD “Stephen”
GHD sit-ups
GHD back extensions
Toes to bar
Stiff-legged dead-lifts, 95#

I wanted a workout that focused on lower body and core. I got just that. Having completed many a Hero WOD, I thought this might be one of the easier workouts. It wasn’t.

I completed GHD sit-ups sets of 30, 15, 10, & 5 unbroken. I completed set of 25 in reps of 15 & 10 and set of 20 in reps of 15 & 5.

GHD back extensions burn the hamstrings. I completed sets of 15, 10, & 5 unbroken, and other sets in reps of between 20 & 5.

Toes to bar did not go well, and I didn’t complete any set — even the set of 5 — kipping & unbroken. I did string together the first 15 kipping and unbroken at least.

Wow, stiff-legged dead-lifts at a mere 95# got very heavy very fast. I completed the sets of 15, 10, & 5 unbroken, and the other sets in reps of between 10 & 5.

I recorded my time after completing last dead-lift of each set. Uhm, I rested a “few” moments before beginning GHD sit-ups. There, I said it.

15| 3:28

My math might be wrong. Regardless, I completed the WOD in 22:15.

Did I mention that I already feel it? My legs are gonna be sore tomorrow.

I’ll admit it, this was my kind of WOD

photoUhm, yeah, so like today’s metcon (that I did yesterday) may be the most difficult that I’ve programmed to date.

I’m pleased that, with the exception of some chafing in the region of the upper buttocks, that I’m not sore. I suppose the chafing isn’t really soreness.

I’ve already demonstrated quite a few muscle-ups, and there are still the evening sessions to lead.

I wore my brand spanking new Pearl Izumi EM ROAD N1 shoes today that I purchased at Bull City Running, as I knew that I’d be running and I wanted to take them for a test drive, so to speak. I like! They have more padding than I’m used too, but they are much firmer than the Nike Free.

After coaching the 11:45 athletes, I stayed at CFS and completed tomorrow’s programmed WOD. If you don’t want to know until later today or tomorrow what it is, don’t read any further. Notice how I didn’t incorrectly use the term “farther”.

Run 200m
5 Handstand pushups
Run 400m

10 HSPUs
Run 800m
15 HSPUs
Run 400m
10 HSPUs
Run 200m

1.25 miles and 45 HSPUs. The focus at CFS this month is handstand pushups and kipping pull-ups.

Uhm, not much to report — as I completed all rounds of HSPUs unbroken! I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to do so for the round of 15 unbroken, but as the first 10 reps went so well I gave it a try and succeeded. I do believe that 15 unbroken HSPUs is a PR for me. I can’t wait until we complete “Diane” later this month.

As the box was empty, I completed the WOD shirtless. If there were any fender benders on 64 between about 1 and 1:15 I may be the cause.

Time = 13:10

I very much like the running shoes, but I won’t be wearing them when I jump rope. I practiced double unders, but the shoes kept getting in the way.


I just couldn’t resist…

photoThe day started off slow, as only 4 folks, including Jeff, attended the 6 am session. Three new folks began the 7 am Boot Camp. Chris F. recently passed his Level 1 cert., and he was kind enough to to assist with the 7 am and coach the 8:30 am session. Thanks, Chris! Four athletes attended the 8:3o session, which is par for the course. I just used a golf expression. I don’t know what a par is.

Then it happened: 18, 10, & 17 attended the 11:45, 5:15, & 6:30 sessions. Wow.

But enough about Surmounties, it’s time to talk about me, me, me! I worked out after 1 pm, completing tomorrow’s programmed metcon. It’s a tough one.


Cleans @ 65% of body weight, 95#
Dead-lifts @ 125% of bodyweight, 185#
Box jumps, 30″

I didn’t at all enjoy this. Everything felt very, very heavy and/or high. My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. Sadly, I didn’t drop under the bar fast enough on the 7th rep of the first round. Time 9:10. There are going to be some faster times posted tomorrow, and this makes me happy.

Prior to coaching a make-up Foundations session, I completed today’s metcon.

14-min AMRAP
0-2 — pull-ups
2-5 — pushups
5-9 — Abmat sit-ups
9-14 — air squats

This was the most fun I’ve had in quite some time, and I only wished that it had lasted longer. I kid you not.

I completed 20 unbroken pull-ups and then another 22 for a total of 42. I wasted time writing down reps, but I didn’t trust myself to count up.

I completed 25 unbroken pushups and then another 52 for a total of 77.

I completed 110 unbroken Abmat sit-ups. In other words, I didn’t rest at any time during the 4 minutes.

I completed 100 unbroken air squats, and then completed the remaining in sets of 25 until time ran out. I completed 196.

Total score = 425. Yo. I almost forgot the “yo”.


photoLuke and I enjoyed an early morning walk, and then we were off to CFS. I had planned on working out @ 9:45 as Jeff coached, but as it was a full house I coached and Jeff worked out at 11. Yup, I coached both sessions. 

Jay was kind enough to test both Jeff and me regarding our functional movements. As I know, I am asymmetrical. Everything except my hairstyle, that is. I did score a 17. Jeff scored a 20. Jeff once again > Paul. 

I began my workout at 12:15.

High bar back squat
3 x 20 unbroken reps @ 50, 55, & 60% or 1RM

This was tough, as I knew it would be. I completed the set of 115# in reps of 10 & 10, i.e., I rested briefly between the 1oth and 11th reps. I completed the set of 130# in reps of 10, 5, & 5, and the set of 140# in reps of 9, 4, 4, & 3. Without even thinking, I began to rack the bar after the 10th rep of the last set. Ha! I said, “Sh!t” and took a step away from the rack — just to be sure. The last, i.e., 60th rep, felt like a 1RM attempt. 

30 muscle-ups

I completed 30 muscle ups well over a year and a half ago in a time of 7:37. I did not, however, recall my time prior to completing today’s muscle ups. 

I completed 13 unbroken muscle ups. As I completed the 13th I thought, “Thirteen is unlucky. Attempt a 14th.” I attempted. And failed. I dropped from the rings, got a drink, chalked my hands, and completed 3 more muscle ups. Sixteen total. I completed 3 more reps for a total of 19. Two more, 21 total. Whew. Two more, 23 total. Gah! Two more, and the 25th rep was  struggle. A single, 26 reps. I rested far too briefly and failed an attempt. I shook out my arms. Another single, 27 reps. I glanced at the clock and thought, “Could I complete in less than 6 minutes?” I mistakenly quickly tried and failed an attempt. Three more to go. A successful single rep for a total of 28. At the top of the rings I thought, “Go for another rep.” Stupid me. I attempted and failed. A difficult 29th rep, but I got it. I glanced at the clock, and it read 5:37. I thought, “Get on the rings now!” I did and failed. “There’s still time, try again!” I did, and failed. I stepped away from the rings, shook out my arms, and  finally completed the 30th rep. 

I should’ve taken my own advice: Get our of your head, yo. 

6:27, exactly 1 minute less than previous PR. Yay, me, yo!

Double unders
1 attempt at 100 double unders

I completed exactly 91. Dammit. 

I vaguely remember Coach Jack challenging me to do the Flight Simulator

10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 unbroken double unders.

Thus, if you make it all the way through with sets of unbroken reps but failed the very last rep of the last set of 10, you have to start all over. 

Guess what? I did it! All rounds were indeed done unbroken! This was truly as much psychological as physical, and I had to remain focused. 

Yay, me, yo!