Challenge Yo’ Self

It looks like I'm pooping in a bucket.
It looks like I’m pooping in a bucket.

What an exhausting yet rewarding day…

I coached the 6 am WOD, 7 am Boot Camp, and 8:30 am WOD (as Chris now coaches the Monday @ 8:30 Boot Camp). I then dropped off Luke at home, visited chiropractor, ran errands, and returned to the box to oversee replacement of window. I completed today’s strength before coaching the 11:45 am WOD.

Bench press
30 unbroken reps @ 45 50% of 1RM
20 unbroken reps @ 50 55%
10 unbroken reps @ 55 60%

Thirty reps @ 100# went reasonably well. I perhaps should’ve and/or could’ve waited longer before beginning 20 reps @ 110#, as I was only able to complete 18 reps. Dammit. Ten reps @ 120# went swimmingly, although I certainly paused between reps.

I coached the 11:45 am WOD, returned home, got Luke, and returned to the box to complete the metcon.

5-10-15-10-5 OHS (65% of 1RM)

10/leg DB or KB reverse lunges between rounds of OHS

Having already seen folks struggle through this, I was somewhat apprehensive. Unlike most metcons I program, I didn’t try this one out first.

I’m glad that I didn’t, as I may have never programmed.

Sixty percent of 130 is 84.5. I warmed up with 65, put 15# and 5# plates on the bar — but had 10# and 2.5# plates at the ready if needed.

I foolishly selected 35# dumbbells. Dammit. That’s half of my bodyweight. Reverse lunges were much more challenging that OHS. Wow.

I am love, love, loving overhead squats, and today was no exception. I did indeed record the workout. While I occasionally took a few steps to steady myself upon rising, my form has improved dramatically.

I completed rounds of 5 & 10 OHS unbroken as well as first 2 rounds of reverse lunges.

I fell on my ass while attempting to complete 9th rep of set of 15. Ha! I completed remaining 7 unbroken.

I completed 3rd round of reverse lunges in sets of 5 reps, round of 10 OHS in reps of 7 & 3, 4th round of reverse lunges in reps of 5, last round of OHS unbroken, and very last round of reverse lunges in reps of 4 & 6.

That’s 45 OHS and 50 reverse lunges/leg. Ouch. That hurt. And it’s likely gonna hurt even more mañana.

Time = 9:31.

The added surprise was a weighted plank hold, using the same weight as one of the dumbbells. Although I used 35# DBs, I used a 45# plate for plank and held for 2:15.

I was done. I returned home, took a quick shower, returned to the box, and coached the first ever 4 pm WOD as well as the 5:15 and 6:30 pm WODs.

I’ll be happy when Chris is ready to coach regular WODs.

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