“Bear Complex”

After leading the warmup and reviewing requirements, I worked out at 8:45 as Jeff coached.

I felt very strong today.

There are a variety of ways to complete the “Bear Complex”; I programmed the following:

“Bear Complex”

Complete 5 rounds of 7 reps of the following, increased the weight each round and working up to the maximum weight possible.

— Power Clean
— Front Squat
— Push Press
— Back Squat
— Push Press

There are not time constraints. Be sure to rest between reps and rounds.

While there are many ways to complete this complex, the focus today will be on executing proper form. Thus, you must complete a power clean, ensuring that you stand up at full extension. Once you do so, complete a front squat. Again, stand up at full extension before completing push press (not push jerk). In other words, you may not complete a full squat clean and thruster instead of a power clean, front squat, and push press.

Lower and rest the barbell on your back and complete a high bar or low bar back squat. Push press (not push jerk) the bar from the back rack position, bring to shoulders, hips, and then floor to complete the rep.

Keep the bar in control at all times.

Thus, an athlete could reset between both reps and rounds. In addition, I announced that athletes could increase the weight between reps during the last round of 7 reps. Make sense? Good. Going on.

I planned on completing the last round @ 120 or 120#, about 75% or push press 1RM.

I used the first round of 7 reps as more or less a warm up, and completed reps @ 65#. Everything felt fantastic. Yup, I focused on form, yo. I completed the second round of 7 reps @ 75#, and everything still felt fantastic. I had originally planned on completing third round at 85 or 90, but instead settled on 95#.

And each rep felt, well, fantastic. My good friend Deborah was kind enough to record a rep @ 95# and then additional reps at heavier weights. Thanks, Deborah!

I completed the fourth round @ 105#. Awe. Some. Awesome. Awesomeawesomeawesomeawesome.

Now onto the final round. I completed reps @ 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, & 140#, i.e., a little less than body weight.

I thought, “Why the hell not try 145#?” And that’s what I did. Power clean went smoothly, as did front squat, push press (although a bit of a struggle), and back squat. I wasn’t, however, able to lock out push press from back rack. And that’s okay.

I seriously considered attempting the rep again, but the coach wouldn’t let me. He can be is such a jerk wonderful person.

Uhm, I push pressed 90% of 1RM and power cleaned 85% of 1RM. I call that a successful day.

I then coached the 10 am WOD, and what a large crowd it was! I so appreciate that Jay, even though he’s ungodly strong, listens to my coaching and feedback. He got a 15# PR on the Bear Complex as well. I was most impressed (yet again) with Melinda. Her form for each and every rep was, in a word (that I like), spectacular.

Form, consistency, and then intensity. Melinda demonstrated all three.



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