Just one hour later…

… and I’m feeling it already.

I rested yesterday if for no other reason than I couldn’t make the time to work out. Owning a business is time consuming. And I love every second of that time.

If truth be told, I needed a rest day.

I coached the Boot Camps this morning, met with an athlete to discuss her goals, met with the coaches to discuss the new schedule, watched the last 30 minutes of la Tour, returned numerous calls about, well, CrossFit Surmount, and I also talked with someone who may want to hire me as a consultant. I don’t know, however, if I’m willing to trod down that path again.

I worked out at 2:30 this afternoon. And it was tough.

Bench press
20 unbroken reps @ 50, 55, & 60% 0f 1RM

As my newly achieved 1RM is 185, I completed sets at 90, 100, & 110#. I should say that I completed 2 sets, as I was only able to complete 17 reps before racking the bar on the last set. It’s difficult to BP without a spotter, yo.

Weighted ring dips
Establish 1RM

I haven’t done weighted ring dips in ages. I worked up to a single at 110#, and if memory serves me this is a PR. The most difficult part was completing dips without banging the insides of my legs with kettle bells. Ouch. Let me say that again: ouch.

Hero WOD “Stephen”
GHD sit-ups
GHD back extensions
Toes to bar
Stiff-legged dead-lifts, 95#

I wanted a workout that focused on lower body and core. I got just that. Having completed many a Hero WOD, I thought this might be one of the easier workouts. It wasn’t.

I completed GHD sit-ups sets of 30, 15, 10, & 5 unbroken. I completed set of 25 in reps of 15 & 10 and set of 20 in reps of 15 & 5.

GHD back extensions burn the hamstrings. I completed sets of 15, 10, & 5 unbroken, and other sets in reps of between 20 & 5.

Toes to bar did not go well, and I didn’t complete any set — even the set of 5 — kipping & unbroken. I did string together the first 15 kipping and unbroken at least.

Wow, stiff-legged dead-lifts at a mere 95# got very heavy very fast. I completed the sets of 15, 10, & 5 unbroken, and the other sets in reps of between 10 & 5.

I recorded my time after completing last dead-lift of each set. Uhm, I rested a “few” moments before beginning GHD sit-ups. There, I said it.

15| 3:28

My math might be wrong. Regardless, I completed the WOD in 22:15.

Did I mention that I already feel it? My legs are gonna be sore tomorrow.

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