National Run Day!

I wake up every morning excited about going to work. I enjoy being with the people that I coach and work with, and I truly enjoy coaching. Anyone surprised by this? I didn’t think so.

I worked about solo yesterday at 1pm.

Front Squat
Establish 1RM

I successfully front squatted 205#, and failed @ 215#. 205 is 146% of my bodyweight, so I’m pleased. My only goal was to break 200.

Dead-lift (225#)
Burpee box jump overs (30″)

The dead-lifts were heavy and the box high. I worked at a very steady pace throughout, and completed all sets unbroken. I could’ve possibly gone faster, but I’ll be honest: it’s sometimes hard to be motivated when I work out alone. Anyone (other than Michael Kelley) want to join me on occasion? Time 14:13.

I taught Foundations last night, and it’s a BIG class. This makes me very happy! I coached 3 back-to-back sessions of Boot Camp this morning and this, too, makes me very happy! I worked about at 10:30 before coaching the 11:45 session. (Uhm, yeah, so I really like the energy of the 11:45 group.)

Cash in 500m row 

4 rounds
200m plate carry run and/or walk (45#)
50 air squats (jumping, weighted, twisting)
400m run
25 pushups (handstand, hand release, negative, plyo)
Optional cash out 50 pull-ups (chest to bar)
35-minute time cap

As today is both National Running Day and Endurance WOD Wednesday, I programmed running. And it was good. And very, very difficult. As an added challenge, I carried the 45# overhead for the 1st and 3rd rounds. I completed jumping air squats the 1st and 3rd and held a 25# plate the 2nd and 4th rounds. My legs are still somewhat tired from yesterday’s WOD. Air squats were particularly challenging.

I love running, even on an uneven surface and even in the heat.

I completed negative pushups with hands on 2, 45# plates the 1st and 3rd rounds, and completed right to left plyo pushups using a 45# plate for the 2nd and 4th rounds.

Mark appeared during the 3rd round and got to witness my panting, swearing, and struggling. I’m surprised that he stayed to complete the WOD. Time 28:22.

After resting a couple of minutes, I completed 50 chest to bar pull-ups in sets in 3 sets of 10  and 4 sets of 5.

Day 2 or this week’s Boot Camp focuses on the skill of wall ball and/or slam ball shots. After completing the WOD, Ms. F. picked up the wall balls she and her neighbor had used and said, “I know you’re particular about your balls. Where would you like for me to put them?” Ha! She knows I have a specific place for all of the equipment. The comment made me laugh nonetheless!

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