Sumo dead-lift high pull!
Sumo dead-lift high pull!
This is what I looked like immediately after completing the metcon.
This is what I looked like immediately after completing the metcon.

As Jeff was in Wrightsville Beach spending the weekend with his mother, I was once again left all alone to coach the Sunday WODs at CFS. I patiently awaited for his arrival, and then he and I completed the programmed benchmark WOD the CrossFit Total.

And Jeff crushed me.

1RM BS, Press, and Dead-lift.

I had a very off day, and only lifted 225, 125, and 325, 10, 5, and 10# less than newly established 1RMs. My total was a mere 675, 50# less than Jeff’s. I said, “You’re stronger than I am.” He replied, “I’m bigger than you are.”

I then quickly established 1RM for push press of 145#, just slightly above my bodyweight. I attempted 150# and just couldn’t lock it out.

I completed today’s programmed WOD, except the push press 1RM, at 1pm after coaching the 11:45 session.

Handstand or Headstand
Establish max time hold

Use or it lose it. I was only able to hold handstand for 1 minute. I held headstand for 3 minutes and could’ve held longer except a fly kept buzzing around my right hand.

3 rounds (17-min total)
2-min max reps shoulder to overhead @ 65 to 75% press 1RM
Rest 1 min
2-min max reps SDHP (95/65)
Rest 1 min

I was feeling weak during the warmup, and settled on 85#, 65% of 1RM. I could’ve gone heavier. Here’s why.

As soon as the metcon started the push jerks were relatively easy to complete. I completed 37, 34, & 32 reps. I used the Rx weight for SDHP and completed 29, 27, & 27 SDHPs.

That’s 186 reps. I’d say that’s pretty consistent, wouldn’t you? I’d say I’m awesome, wouldn’t you? I’d say I’m modest as well, wouldn’t you?

I recorded and reviewed, and am pleased to report that my form remained consistent, you know, because I’m all awesome and sh!t.

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