Saturday Chipper


I took Luke for a long walk, then worked out at CFS, quickly returned home and showered, returned to CFS and coached the 8:45, 10, and Community WODs, returned home and ate a  quick meal, and then led a Running Clinic from 1 to 4. To say that I’m exhausted is an understatement.

I completed today’s programmed WOD as, you know, I follow the workouts that I program.

50 pull-ups
50 pushups

40 slam balls, 30#

40 wall balls, 20# & 10′ target 
30 Abmat GHD sit-ups
30 Abmat GHD back extensions
20 ring dips
20 knees to elbows
10 box jumps, 30″
100 (not a typo) double unders

Begin by completing 3 burpees. At the top of each even-numbered minute, complete 3 burpees. 

This was a tremendous amount of fun! My strategy was to complete no more than 10 and no less than 5 reps at a time — unless the set had to be interrupted to complete 3 burpees. This strategy worked very well.

Wall balls were the most challenging activity. No surprises there.

I had only completed 3 box jumps when at the 18-minute mark I had to stop and complete 3 burpees. Oh, well!

I completed 60 unbroken doubles unders and had to will myself to stop to complete 3 last burpees at the 20-minute mark. I completed the last 40 double unders unbroken.

My time was 20:53. I only had to complete 33 burpees. I love burpees!

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