Spartan 300 Challenge

This is going to be a rather lenghty post, just so you know.

IMG_5172Luke was in a particulalry playful mood this morning. I took him for a 2-mile walk, and the rabbits are out in full force. Our neighborhood needs more foxes. Luke wanted to chase every rabbit that he saw. He didn’t, however, notice the turtle. My immediate thought was Aesop’s Fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” and I said out loud. “We know who won that race!” I determined that I would establish a pace for today’s Spartan Challenge — and stick with my strategy. Uhm, I then played with Luke in the backyard for a half hour. I kept thinking, “I’m wasting a lot of energy, but it doesn’t matter. Today is all about having fun.”

Jeff and I arrived at Athletic Performance just after 9, and Melinda and Marianne had already checked in. We were joined by Ashlee, Lauren, Cheri, Mark, and Angie; thus, there were 2 teams representing CFS. And represent they did! I am exceedingly proud of everyone who competed! Thanks, too, to our cheerleading squad of Tom, Paul, & Day Hering, Heather, and Glenda!

I had many negative thoughts going through my mind before the event began, but I kept reminding myself to just have fun. As it was a fundraiser for the Special Olympics, I also reminded myself our participation was for a very worthy cause.

Spartan 300 Challenge

  • 100 hand release pushups
  • Run 1.5 Miles
  • 100 air squats
  • Run 1.5 miles
  • 100 burpees
  • Run 300m carrying 52# kettle bell

For 4-member teams each participant completed 1 activity, i.e., only 1 person ran.

The clock counted down and we began, with Jeff to my left and Ashlee to my right. I focused on form and pacing, not allowing myself to do more than 10 pushups at a time. I also danced to the music between many of the sets, albeit I was kneeling on the flo’. True story. When I completed the 100th pushup, I was the 7th or so person to being the first 1.5-mile run. Another solo competitor, whom I’ll refer to as Invictus, began at about the same time. And he cut me off at the first turn.

Uhm, running is my strength. I waited until the downhill on Maynard and quickly dropped him. While I enjoyed the downhill run, I knew it was going to be, well, uphill on the way back. I passed a few people and was the 3rd person to begin air squats.

I stuck with my plan and completed in reps of 50, 25, 15, & 10, making sure to shake out my legs.

I liked that the 1.5 mile run had a turnaround, so I got to see if anyone wearing a pink band (individual competitors) was ahead of me. I only saw orange bands (teams), so that was a welcome relief. I ran fast, but certainly not as fast as I could have. I was saving some energy!

Like the pushups and air squats, the burpees were done indoors, and I had an entourage of supporters surrounding me. I will admit, however, that I was oblivious to them most of the time.

I completed burpees in 3 sets of 10 reps and then in sets of 5. Yes, I was getting winded. I also knew that I had a sizable lead. I thought, “Just continue to have fun. There’s no need to go all out.” Lauren/Mark were keeping a watchful eye to see when Invictus might begin burpees. By the time he had I had but 50 to go. I was very, very, very happy when I completed that last burpee.

I do want to emphasize that I executed all movements with proper form. Uhm, that wasn’t the case with some of the other participants. For example, I made sure to jump and clap for each and every burpee.

I grabbed a 52# kettle bell (although I did have to maneuver through the competitors) and began the 300m run holding the kettle bell in my right hand. I then switched to my left hand. I thought, “This should be a run, not a walk.” I placed the kettle bell on the back of my neck and ran as fast as I could. There was a loud round of applause as I crossed the finish line.

The race organizer yelled my time, but I was again oblivious. I asked, “Did I win?” Everyone said, “Yes!”

I grabbed a bottle of water, went inside to cool down, and then joined the Surmounties as they finished the race.

IMG_5191And the pride I felt as we all came together to support each other is indescribable. Mark was the very last of the Surmounties to run, and all 8 of us ran him to the finish line. We later discovered that the time keeper had written “Best teamwork — all across the line at once.” How nice!

My time was 35:00, just under 2 minutes faster than the winning team of 4. Granted, they each had to run 300m with a kettle bell, but, you know, I did all of the activities.

I had an amazing time with some very amazing people! I also had a beer.


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