2013-05-14 08.37.14 2013-05-14 08.37.08 2013-05-14 08.37.04 2013-05-14 08.37.03So, this Living Social deal is quite a deal. Thirteen folks attended this morning’s Boot Camp session, and there will likely be even more on Thursday. Mike and Rob were very patient.

Jannicka was kind enough to lead the warmup and cool down for the 8:30 session that I then coached. I like when I program a challenging WOD, as it happens far too infrequently. Right, Surmounties?

As I was coaching the lovely Glenda and the first-day-at-CFS Joshua, FedEx arrived with the first of many packages.

The hurdles arrived today; thus, I created a metcon to give them a try. Ouch. This was tough.

1, 2, 3…8, 9, 10
Slam balls (30#)
Hurdles (4, 19″ hurdles/rep)

I determined that the penalty for not catching the slam ball on the first bounce or knocking a hurdle post off of the cone would be a slam ball burpee. Because that’s just the sort of person I am. I placed a 30# slam ball at either end of the line of hurdles.

I had no idea how difficult this was going to be, and perhaps I shouldn’t have placde the posts on the highest setting.

I knocked off the post 1 time during the 4th round, so I had 1 slam ball burpee penalty. I love burpees, so it really isn’t that much of a penalty.

For the most part I jumped from where I landed, although I would occasionally find that I had a tendency to move my right foot forward ever so slightly just before jumping.

Did I mention how miserable this experience was?

I finished in 11:25. I haven’t been this much of a sweaty mess in quite some time. That’s 55 ball slams and 220 hurdles.

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