CFS Grand Opening!

Paul Coaching at CFS GO

Finally, the long-awaited CFS Grand Opening! I arrived early to mop the floor, finish some last-minute preparations, and complete today’s WOD. Luke had an upset stomach and requested numerous small walks. He ate grass, and then vomited. On the just-mopped floor. And that’s okay. I’m relieved that he was able to get everything out of his system before he began his mascot and host duties.

Speaking of relieved, I can’t begin to describe just how relieved I am that CFS is finally open for business. In addition to being relieved, I’m exceedingly excited!

WODs were held at 8:45, 9:30, and 10:15 and, as expected, few people attended the first and many attended the last WOD. My public apology to Sam, who wasn’t able to participate in the 10:15 WOD because we ran out of plates – but who crushed the Community WOD.

New Rule at CFS: Unless the inside and/or outside temperate is greater than 80 degrees, shirts are required.

Random thoughts in no particular order…

  • My mother and I have much in common.
  • Jeff’s mother, Brenda, is one of the sweetest, kindest, most generous people that I have ever met. She arranged for all of the refreshments!
  • Cliques.
  • Angie often matches her shirt and shoes.
  • I enjoy coaching one-on-one, small groups, and large groups. Uhm, I guess I just enjoy coaching.
  • Amy Scott is a wonderful hugger.
  • I love burpees.

I had a tremendously fun time coaching founding members, old friends, and first-time visitors. At least one time during each of the 3 sessions I thought, “I can’t wait until I get to do this WOD. It looks like a tremendous amount of fun.”

It wasn’t until after 3 that I was able to do so. I wasn’t the least bit disappointed!

5-min AMRAP
6-count burpees
Rest 1 minute
10-minute AMRAP
Hand release pushup & bodyweight deadlift ladder

I set A, B, & C goals.
A: Complete all burpees unbroken and all rounds of HRPUs and DLs unbroken.
B. Complete all burpees unbroken and 5 minutes of HRPUs and DLs unbroken.
C. Complete 50 unbroken burpees and 5 minutes of HRPUs and DLs unbroken.

I was confident that I could complete 5 minutes of unbroken burpees. I wasn’t so sure, however, that I could complete more than 10 unbroken HRPUs and DLs – particularly since 6-count burpees, well, include a strict pushup.

My strategy was to complete burpees at an even pace, and that’s what I did. I wasn’t the least bit tempted to rest, even though I had thought I’d do so after 50 burpees. I completed exactly 70 burpees with 1 second remaining.

The minute of rest was more than enough, and I was ready to get started with 15 seconds remaining. While I can’t recall exactly when I reached milestones, e.g., round of 10 HRPUs and DLs, after I passed the 5-minute mark I was still feeling strong. I also recall thinking that I’d probably only be able to complete 10 unbroken HRPUs. I kept going and had little desire to stop.

I completed all deadlifts with mixed grip, and I didn’t drop the bar until the last rep of each round. So, when I say I completed all rounds of deadlifts unbroken, that’s what I mean. Okay? Okay. Uhm, yeah, so I also completed all rounds of HRPUs unbroken, i.e., I didn’t rest at the bottom or top of pushup. Okay? Okay.

I finished strong. There was just 20 seconds left on the clock when I began the last round of 15 deadlifts. I completed the very last rep with 1 second left on the clock.

70 burpees + 15 rounds = 310 reps. That’s 120 HRPUs and DLs. That’s an average of 14 burpees and 24 HRPUs/DLs a minute.

Today was indeed an awesome day! (In spite of the fact that some inappropriate comments were made by a select few.)

The sign says “Open”

It’s official! CrossFit Surmount is open for business. I’m relieved. Uhm, that’s an understatement. The very good news is that CFS already has 25 members!

In the very near future I’ll be sharing the story of how I got to this place in my life. For now I’ll merely write about my workouts.

I was very limited for time yesterday; thus, a 10-minute workout.

EMOTM for 10 minutes
Odd-numbered minutes
3, 6-count burpees
5 box jumps, 24”
7, 1-armed KB swings, 44#
Even-numbered minutes
3, 6-count burpees
5 wall ball shots, 10’ target & 20# med ball
7 KB shoulder presses, 26#
While not overly challenging, I did still manage to work up a sweat. I completed most rounds within 40 seconds.

Today I completed the CFS WOD. And it was good.

Headstands, handstands, vertical ring holds

I held a headstand for a little over 4 minutes. While I could have held it longer, my wrists were beginning to go numb. That’s never a good sign. I held a handstand for a little over 1 minute. I was beginning to tire. I held a vertical hold on the rings for exactly 2 minutes. I felt my fingers begin to slide from the rings, so I dropped from the rings, you know, before I fell on my head. I’m smart like that.

12-minute AMRAP
10 hang power snatches
10 toes to bar
20 HPS
20 T2B
30 HPS
30 T2B, etc.

I settled on 55# for snatches, and that was plenty heavy enough. I completed the round of 10 unbroken, the rounds of 20 and 30 in reps of 10, and the last round in reps of no less than 4. I completed the round of 10 toes to bar unbroken, the round of 20 in reps of 10, the round of 30 in reps of 9 & 5 and then, while still hanging from the bar, I completed the remaining reps as singles but didn’t kip.

I completed 35 snatches of the round of 40 for a total score of 155 reps. Unlike yesterday, this was quite a challenging metcon.

It appears that Saturday’s Grand Opening may be well attended. I had originally planned on programming “Barbara” in honor of my visiting mother, but I fear that it would be a logistical nightmare to coach. After careful thought, I created the following:
5-minute AMRAP
6-count burpees
Rest 1 minute
10-minute AMRAP
Hand release pushup and bodyweight deadlift ladder

WODs are scheduled for 8:45, 9:30, and 10:15am, and it may be that I need to hold 2 sessions per hour. It may also be that some folks have to wait until noon to complete. You have been warned.

Uno mas dia!

I was surprised that my shoulders didn’t feel sore and achy this morning. Delightfully surprised, I might add. Nonetheless, today’s workout was designed to work just about every part of the body except the shoulders. Oh, wait, I programmed burpees and pull-ups. Well, at least I didn’t program pushups!

I worked out at 8:30, anxiously waiting for the 64 West Office Park crew to arrive and begin installing last panic door hardware and emergency lighting.

200m farmer’s carry, 52# KBs
150 air squats
100 Abmat sit-ups
25 burpee pull-ups
25 burpee deadlifts, 185#
100 double unders

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Well, it was! I had one and only one goal: to finish in under 20 minutes. I had planned on breaking activities into sets, e.g., 3 sets of 50 air squats. For whatever reason, I seldom needed to do this.

While I did almost lose my grip during last 20m, I did complete 200m farmer’s carry without stopping and/or putting down the KBs.

While completing air squats I thought, “You just did 100 unbroken air squats a few weeks ago when doing ‘Angie’. No reason why you can’t do that many or more reps.” So I did all 150. While completing sit-ups I though, “You just did 100 unbroken sit-ups a few weeks ago when doing ‘Angie’. No reason not to do 100 unbroken today.” And that’s why I did.

I completed burpee pull-ups in sets of 10, 5, 5, & 5. While I didn’t feel winded, I made myself rest. I assure you that my chin was well above the bar for each and every rep. Just saying.

Uhm, 185# felt, well, light. I thought for sure that I’d have to rest while completing deadlifts, but never felt the need to do so. I thought, “Damn, I should’ve done the burpee pull-ups unbroken as well. Or deadlifted 225.”

I had mistakenly placed my jump rope near the (now out of the way) ropes, so I quickly moved to the other side of the box. I completed double unders in reps of 10 (Huh?), 5, (OMG that sucks!), 70 (much, much better) and 15 reps.

My time was 18 minutes and 8 seconds.

I am opening CFS tomorrow come hell or high water. I am as happy and as excited as I can be! Time travels very quickly when I’m coaching, and I tremendously enjoy my time spent coaching. I can’t begin to describe how much happier I am now than I was a mere 5 months ago. I never realized just how bored I was with my previous job until I no longer had said job.

Corporate America can suck it.

Two more days!


It’s a beautiful day in NC, and a perfect day to run! But first, overhead squats.

I have been quite busy the past few days not only preparing for the Grand Opening but also entertaining my mother. I’ve rested 2 of the past 4 days. And that’s okay.

I worked out this past Saturday morning at 8.


I completed, recorded, and reviewed sets @ 75, 85, 95, 105, & 105#. I’ll say it again and I’ve said it before:  I truly love squatting with the bar held over my head.

Run 400m
21 chin-ups
Run 400m
21 air squats holding 20# medicine ball
Run 400m
21 Abmat sit-up holding 20# medicine ball
Run 400m
21 pushups with feet on 20# medicine ball

I think you know what my goal was, right? Unbroken activities. I honestly thought that I might not be able to achieve this goal, as 21 unbroken chin-ups is always a challenge. Yup, I achieved my goal, and completed in 11:09. I also like saying “Run to Highway 64 and back.”

Oh, my landlord surprised me. I think he’s finally realized what an inconvenience all of the delays have been, and is attempting to make amends. He took me for a ride on the Gator to show me the soft-surface running trail that runs the perimeter of the boat & RV lot! While I haven’t yet determined the exact distance, I estimate that it’s about a mile. We can easily run a 5 or even 10K. I’ll most definitely be using the trail for endurance WODs.

I worked out at 10 this morning. This was a tough workout.

EMOTM for 12 minutes
3 strict shoulder press, 3 push press, 3 push jerk (increasing or decreasing weight and/or resting as needed)

Did I already mention that this was a tough workout? I’ve done sets of 3, 3, & 3 before, but never on the minute. There was very little time for recovery. I completed the first 2 rounds @ 65#, rounds 3 & 4 @ 70#, rounds 5, 6, & 7 at 75#, round 8 @ 80%, round 9 @ 85# (more in a moment), then decreased the weight to 65# for round 10, increased weight to 70# for round 11, and finished with 75# for the last round.

I was unable to will myself to push jerk 85# at the end of round 9, so I didn’t complete 3 or the required – yes, required – reps.

Ring dips
Complete up to 10 reps OTM for 10 minutes

My goal was to complete no less than 5 reps, and I achieved this goal. I also kept track of time.

1 | 10 reps, 21 sec
2 | 10, 20
3 | 10, 20
4 | 10, 23
5 | 7, 22 (the wheels began to come off of the bus)
6 | 6, 15
7 | 6, 16
8 | 6, 16
9 | 6, 15
10 | 7, 20

I just had go get 7 reps that last round, and, although I had to fight for it, I did get that 7th rep. Total reps = 78. The last time I did a similar workout I complete 5 reps for 5 minutes and 10 the last 5 minutes. It’s an altogether different story starting with 10 reps. Two words: muscle failure.