Marky Mark!

I had every intention of arriving at CFS by 8 so as to have enough to clean and do a long workout. NBC aired 2 episodes of “Park and Recreation”, and I just had to watch them both. I didn’t arrive at CFS until 8:30. This only allowed enough time for me to test drive a metcon that may or may not be programmed in the very near future.

11 bench jump overs
7 power cleans, 100#
3 muscle ups

Wow. Just wow. This was quite challenging. I thought muscle ups would be the most and jump overs the least difficult, but the opposite was true. I did complete all rounds unbroken, and given that I usually lift 95# for power cleans, I was happy that I was able to successfully power clean 100#. My time was 9:01.

I coached the 9:45 session, and there were quite a few folks in attendance. Jacob is much stronger than he thinks he is, Marianne takes direction well, and Melinda is a beaste. I added an “e” on the end.

I had planned on coaching the 11 am session, but as Mark didn’t have a partner I asked Jeff to coach on my behalf. He agreed to do so. (Yes, he had a choice.)

Partner WOD
Run 1 mile
Row 2K
75 shoulder to overhead
75 barbell plate squats
75 American KB swings
75 burpees
300 double unders
6 rope climbs

  • Only one member of a team may work at a time.
  • Each team member must run a minimum of 400m, row 500m, complete 25 shoulder to overhead, squats, KB swings, and burpees, complete 100 double unders (or 300 single unders), and climb the rope 2 times.
  • Teams may complete activities in any order. However, team must complete all activities before moving to another activity, with the exception of rope climbs.
  • Rope climbs may be completed 1 at a time.

Rona got lost. That’s a blog in and of itself.

I let Mark decide the order of activities and the weight for the S2O. To the best of my recollection, here’s what happened. (Mark, feel free to correct me.)

We began by each running 2, 400m intervals, with Mark running first. He said, “We can run to warm up.” Oh, Mark, running for me is always a pleasure and never merely a warm up.

We next completed S2O with 75#. Mark began and completed in reps of 10 and I did reps of 15. I was, however, going to finish with 10 reps and let Mark do the last 5. Mark, however, had already walked all the way across the box to get ready for rope climbs. We each did 2 climbs, taking turns doing so.

Burpees were next. Mark completed 10 and I completed 15 reps at a time. (In just about the same elapsed time, wouldn’t you say, Mark?)

Mark chose to row next, and he chose to row 250m at a time. I very much liked this strategy, as it allowed me to go all out and still have plenty of time for recovery. I kept the pace at 1:37/500m and stroked at about 32 per minute.

Mark chose plate air squats next, and we used a 45# plate. Mark completed 15 and I completed 25, Mark completed 10 and I completed the remaining 25. I could tell he was getting tired. I wanted to give him more rest time. He still completed the required 25 reps.

We completed our last 2 rope climbs.

Kettle bell swings, using a 52# KB, were next. Mark completed 10 and I completed 15 or more at a time.

Last up was double unders. Uhm, Mark didn’t have his rope ready. Uhm, I hadn’t retrieved mine yet, either. Unfortunately, 2 of my jump ropes had become tangled, and Jeff couldn’t seem to get them untangled and/or he was coaching and distracted. Probably that coaching part. Yeah, that.

We took turns with double unders. We finished in a time of 36:42.

I very much enjoyed partnering with Mark, and I tried not to push him too hard. I know that partnering with me can be a challenge in that I leave very little time for my partner to rest – and I need very little rest time myself. I felt bad that I didn’t evenly split the work, and I hadn’t even asked Mark if that’s what he wanted to do. Sorry, Mark!

430406_10151413843203316_599312001_n 67589_10151413842688316_1622560881_n

I began the day by leading runners and walkers through a warm up before they raced the RWHRMA

5K Fun Run/Walk. I always enjoy seeing runners attempt to squat.

Jannicka was kind enough to coach the 9:45 am session at CFS – her first time doing so! I was disappointed that I wasn’t there to watch her do so. Next time, Jannicka!

I led the 10 am and Community WODs, and then completed the programmed WOD. I continue to be pleased by the turnout.

5 @ 75, 80, & 85%

Both Jeff and Lauren joined me. I lifted 90, 95, & 100#. The last rep of the last set is always so damn difficult. I nonetheless completed all reps, making sure to rest 2 minutes between sets.

12-min ladder
Wall ball shots (20# & 10’ target) and toes to bar

My only goal was to keep working, and to pause for no longer than 3 seconds at a time. I completed wall ball shots unbroken through round 12 and toes to bar unbroken through round 9. As always, once I am no longer to kip toes to bar I have to do each rep one at a time. Ouch.

I completed the round of 13 wall ball shots & toes to bar with 1 minute left on the clock. I thought, “Great. I can make it through wall ball shots and not have to do any more toes to bar.” I finished the 14th wall ball shot with 15 seconds left on the clock. Gah!

I completed 13 rounds + 14 wall ball shots & 4 toes to bar.

Michael Kelley wants to get together for lunch tomorrow. I told him that I’d let him know. Should I join him? Your vote counts!

Everybody’s thrustering (thrustering, thrustering)

The aftermath
Sweat angel
Sweat angel

I truly enjoyed today’s metcon. Thrusters be damned!

So far today folks have attended the 6, 8:30, and 11:45. As no one attended the 7:15 session, I worked out then.

5 @ 75, 80, & 85% of 1RM

I recorded all sets, completing sets @ 240, 255, & 275#. While the weight did feel heavy by the last set, I was pleased that I was able to maintain proper form. What does this mean? I lifted with my legs and not my ass and I maintained a neutral neck and flat back. I did, however, every so slightly round my back on the very last rep. True story.

Run 400m
15 thrusters
15 box jumps

I settled on 85# for thrusters, and in retrospect should’ve lifted 90 or even 95#. Why? Read on.

Luke joined me for all 400m runs. He ran very fast the first round, moderately fast the second round, somewhat slow the third round, and very slowly the last round. Read on.

For an added challenge I jumped 30”. Dead-lifting, running, and thrustering (I just made up that word) made for tired legs.

Okay, I should’ve gone heavier for the thrusters as I was able to complete the first, second, and last rounds unbroken and the third round in reps of 10 & 5. Box jumps were done unbroken and with no failed attempts.

I’m all over the place today. Read on.

For the very first thruster I first completed a power clean. While running the second round I thought, “If you were coaching an athlete, what would be your suggestion?” For remaining rounds I began each set of thrusters with a full squat clean.

Luke had to stop and pee during the first 400m run. I mean really, really pee. I did not subtract the time it took him to really, really, really pee from my total time.

During the last 400m run I said to Luke, “Come on, you’re slowing me down!” I then felt very bad for saying that to him, so I stopped running and gave him a big hug. He kissed my face. I love that sometimes slow-moving dog.

As I often say, “It’s just a metcon. There’s no need to get upset.”

I finished in 17:49.

120 pull-ups

Not photoshopped. Just so you know.
Not photoshopped. Just so you know.

Robin attended the 11:45 session, with Jade in tow. I’ll soon be announcing the “Work out with a Coach” program at CFS, where an athlete completes the programmed WOD alongside a coach, i.e., both the athlete and the coach are completing the WOD together. As Robin was open to the idea, I did indeed work out with her; and it was much fun.

I provided Robin a one-on-one session on ensuring proper form when rowing. Robin had yet to establish a bench press 1RM, so I coached her on bench pressing and spotting. She lifted 103#. You read the correctly. She broke a dollar. Nice work, Robin!

Bench Press
5 reps @ 75, 80, 85% of 1RM (125, 130, 135#)

Lifts felt great today, and the set at 135 felt quite light. Good!

EMOTM for 10 minutes complete up to 12 pull-ups

My guidance for others is set a goal for number of total reps, reps per round, reps with specific resistance band, etc. My goal was (you guessed it) to complete 12 pull-ups a round; thus 120 pull-ups.

Have I mentioned how opposed I am to completing 10 reps of just about anything? Constantly varied, folks. Pay attention.

I completed the first 9 rounds of 12 kipping pull-ups unbroken. I failed to get my damn chin above the bar for the 11th rep of the last set. I did not, however, drop from the bar. I was able to complete the last 2 reps with full range of motion. K? K.

There’s been much discussion about this article. I find that just about everyone is looking for an excuse to not run. Warning: The next person to say to me, “I hate running” may be punched in the throat.

As today was the first time that Robin attempted American KB swings, I coached her through her set of 30 as fast as possible. Just 58 seconds. Again, great job, Robin!

Run, squat, dip, row


I am both saddened and angered by the events that have taken place in Boston. As a former marathoner, and having run the Boston Marathon twice, I know how resilient marathoners are. I’ll leave it at that.

Athletes attended all of the sessions except 7:15, so I worked out then. I completed the WOD I programmed. I very much liked! Emily and Glenda both mentioned that it was the most challenging WOD to date. Neither of them did Filthy Fifty Sunday.

25-min AMRAP
Row 200m | Run 200m of 10m shuttle sprints (alternate rounds)
7 OHS (65#)
11 dips

Mandatory rest from minute 7 to 8, 14 to 15, and 20 to 21; begin where you left off

I have wanted to program OHS, and today was the perfect opportunity to do so. I very much like WODs with scheduled rest. Seven minutes of work, 1 minute of rest, 6 minutes of work, 1 minute of rest, 5 minutes of work, 1 minute of rest, 4 minutes of work, and done.

My goal was to complete 10 rounds and to complete OHS and ring dips unbroken.

I began with shuttle sprints. I completed exactly 3 rounds the first 7 minutes, thus averaging 2:20 a round. Not bad. I kipped the ring dips, as I knew I’d have to do so eventually. The minute rest was delightful.

I completed 2 rounds and up to 8 rings dips the next round. I was very glad that I got to rest a minute, as I feared I wouldn’t be able to complete 11 ring dips unbroken.

At the 20-minute mark I had completed 8 rounds + 40m shuttle sprints. I still completed all OHS and ring dips unbroken. It was quite challenging to do so!

I was growing weary, but still remained focused on my SMART goal. With just 20 seconds left, I began last 11 ring dips and managed to complete in 16 seconds. I had 4 seconds to spare! Uhm, that wasn’t enough time to sprint even 10m, so I didn’t.

Unlike yesterday, I achieved my goal.

Surmounties, what did you think of today’s WOD?

Dead-lifts and pushups

I’m composing this as I watch the ABC News report of the incident at the finish of the Boston Marathon. Tragic. The first report of casualties is being reported. My mood is somber. I’ve run the Boston Marathon twice, and I have many friends who ran the race today. So very, very sad.

As Rob was the only athlete to attend the 6 am session, I worked out with him. His form continues to improve, particularly with bar path and squat depth.

5 @ 75, 80, 85%

Today is the first day of Wendler. I had forgotten just how much I like having a structured program. I based weight on 1RM of 225# and completed sets @ 170, 180, & 190#. The last rep was a struggle – as it should be.

15 dead-lifts, 135#
15 ring pushups

This is a main site WOD. I knew it would be fast, but I didn’t realize it would be so challenging. I set what I thought was a realistic goal of completing unbroken reps and finishing in under 5 minutes. I did not achieve either goals.

I did complete rounds of dead-lifts unbroken, and 135# felt very, very heavy. I completed the first 3 rounds of ring pushups unbroken, round 4 in reps of 8 & 7, and the last round in reps of 8, 5, & 2. My time was 5:02.

Filthy Fifty


Another exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, and occasionally exacerbating day! I love alliteration. Can you tell?

I slept until 7, took Luke for a nice, long walk, watched “Community” (one of the best episodes ever), and arrived at CFS at 9. My OCD kicked in, and I became obsessed with ensuring that the ring straps were in the same direction. And evenly spaced on the pull-up rig. And the straps looped in a consistent manner. Gah!

Today was the photo shoot for the website. My good friend and photographer extraordinaire, Rona, was there to work her magic. I’m anxious to see the pics!

The entire de Leon crew attended the 9:45 session, with Marianne, Melinda, Steve, and Jeff. A HUGE crowd attended the 11 session, including Amanda, Rosa, Henry, Robin, Ashlee, Angie… too many to list! Most graciously stayed until 1 so that Rona could take additional photos. Thanks to all who participated in today’s festivities!

It’s hard to believe that CFS has been open for business for just a week. Wow.

So that Rona could capture folks in a variety of activities, I programmed Filthy Fifty today. I had hoped to participate in the 11 session and have Jeff coach, but there were far too many people for this to happen. Jeff was smart to insist that I coach and he assist. I have a very loud voice, and am good at herding cats crowd control.

I was, however, bound and determined to complete this benchmark WOD for only the third time since beginning my CrossFit journey, once at CFD (2011) in a time of 23:23 and once at CFZ (2012) in a time of 23:00. I ate a protein bar and began the WOD at 1:15. I was already tired at the start. My goal today was to finish in 20 minutes or less.

Filthy Fifty
50 box jumps, 24″
50 jumping pull-ups
50 kettle bell swings, 35#
50 walking lunges
50 knees to elbows
50 push presses, 45#
50 back extensions
50 wall ball shots, 20# and 10’ target
50 burpees
50 double unders

My strategy was to work at a steady pace, and to rest as little as possible. I completed box jumps, jumping pull-ups, KB swings, and walking lunges unbroken, although certainly not at a breakneck pace. While completing KB swings I thought, “I should be doing these much more quickly. It’s only 35 pounds. But wait, why kill myself now? There’s much more work to be done.” So I kept working at a relatively moderate pace.

I completed 15, 10, 10, & 5 reps of unbroken, kipping knees to elbows. I mixed up kipping and dead-hang knees to elbows for the last 10 reps.

I completed push presses in reps of 35, 15, & 10 unbroken reps. I did, however, hit my chin on the bar on the 40th rep. I almost dropped to the ground it hurt so badly. Oh, well, at least I didn’t cut myself and bleed all over the pollen-coated floor.

I completed back extensions unbroken.

The wall ball shots nearly killed me. I was only able to complete 5 reps at a time. Ten rounds of 5 reps take a hell of a lot of time. I was getting very tired of picking the ball up off of the floor.

I began burpees at a very even pace, telling myself that I could complete in 5 rounds of 10 reps. After having completed the 10th rep I still felt good, so I continued. Fifteen, twenty, twenty-five. I kept going. I was able to complete all 50 burpees unbroken, again at a moderate pace.

Double unders. Faithful readers know that double unders have often been the bane of my existence. Not today! I completed 50 unbroken double unders, even beginning with a double under. I had positioned myself so that I could see the clock. I finished in 18:15, achieving (and I’ll even say exceeding) my goal.

I haven’t achieved a PR in a very long time. Today I did. Boom.