Wall what with what?

It’s already been a wonderful day at CFS! As no one attended the 6am session (Rob & Mike, are you two still suffering from a hangover?), I updated contact information. And took a catnap with Luke. Maybe I’ll start referring to my naps as dognaps.

On a related note, Luke is obsessed with the garbage can in the women’s room. Please be sure to close the door behind you. (This comment is related not to dogs but to napkins. Think about it.)

Steve attended the 7:15 session and is demonstrating tremendous progress with squats, as is May who, along with Jannicka & Fanny, attended the 8:30 session. Good times! There was a full house at 11:45, including Jannicka & Fanny (yet again), Robin, Deborah & Steve, and Alex & Emily.

Notice use of ampersands and conjunctions. Good job.

I completed today’s strength, and it was awesome!

5 @ 75% of 1RM
3 @ 85%
1 @ 95%

As my HBBS 1RM is 225#, I lifted 170, 190, & 215#. I recorded all sets, and had to laugh at myself when, while reviewing rep @ 225 and at the bottom of the squat I heard myself say, “You got this.” When I racked the bar I said, “That was great! You felt strong.”

Yup, I talk to myself using the Royal “we”. As well I should.

I’m reluctant to post today’s metcon, as it’s one of two options that will be completed tomorrow at CFS.


Are you still reading? Are you a Surmountie? If so, know that I completed a much more challenging metcon than what will be posted this evening, so don’t be frightened.


  • 3 wall walk with HSPU
  • 12 GHD sit-ups
  • 9 dead-lifts, 205#
  • 12 strict toes through rings

The toes through rings weren’t the only activities that were strict. How so, you ask? Just wait a damn moment and I’ll tell you. Sheesh.

Wall walks began with a pushup. I ensured that my chest touched the wall and that my head touched the floor. I also ensure that my elbows locked before walking back down the wall. Most importantly, I actually walked back down the wall, i.e., I didn’t merely let my feet drop. That’s 18 wall walks and handstands pushups. And that was enough.

Wall walks with HSPUs were exhausting; particularly after yesterday’s slam ball pushups. I did complete all rounds unbroken, albeit it was only 3 reps.

I completed all rounds of GHD sit-ups unbroken. That’s at total of 72 sit-ups.

I didn’t drop the bar after a single rep while completing dead-lifts, and I lowered the bar with control. Say what you want, but I think/feel that this is much more challenging than completing reps as quickly as possible – and with potentially shitty form. I completed all rounds unbroken. Did you already do the math? Yup, 72 reps.

Strict toes through rings were the most difficult of all the activities – and this comes from a man with titanium abs. I ensured that I did not swing my hips or legs back before completing a rep. I completed the first 2 sets unbroken and the remaining 5 sets in reps of 8 & 4. Yup, 72 reps.

Total time = 21:30

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