120 pull-ups

Not photoshopped. Just so you know.
Not photoshopped. Just so you know.

Robin attended the 11:45 session, with Jade in tow. I’ll soon be announcing the “Work out with a Coach” program at CFS, where an athlete completes the programmed WOD alongside a coach, i.e., both the athlete and the coach are completing the WOD together. As Robin was open to the idea, I did indeed work out with her; and it was much fun.

I provided Robin a one-on-one session on ensuring proper form when rowing. Robin had yet to establish a bench press 1RM, so I coached her on bench pressing and spotting. She lifted 103#. You read the correctly. She broke a dollar. Nice work, Robin!

Bench Press
5 reps @ 75, 80, 85% of 1RM (125, 130, 135#)

Lifts felt great today, and the set at 135 felt quite light. Good!

EMOTM for 10 minutes complete up to 12 pull-ups

My guidance for others is set a goal for number of total reps, reps per round, reps with specific resistance band, etc. My goal was (you guessed it) to complete 12 pull-ups a round; thus 120 pull-ups.

Have I mentioned how opposed I am to completing 10 reps of just about anything? Constantly varied, folks. Pay attention.

I completed the first 9 rounds of 12 kipping pull-ups unbroken. I failed to get my damn chin above the bar for the 11th rep of the last set. I did not, however, drop from the bar. I was able to complete the last 2 reps with full range of motion. K? K.

There’s been much discussion about this article. I find that just about everyone is looking for an excuse to not run. Warning: The next person to say to me, “I hate running” may be punched in the throat.

As today was the first time that Robin attempted American KB swings, I coached her through her set of 30 as fast as possible. Just 58 seconds. Again, great job, Robin!

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