Dead-lifts and pushups

I’m composing this as I watch the ABC News report of the incident at the finish of the Boston Marathon. Tragic. The first report of casualties is being reported. My mood is somber. I’ve run the Boston Marathon twice, and I have many friends who ran the race today. So very, very sad.

As Rob was the only athlete to attend the 6 am session, I worked out with him. His form continues to improve, particularly with bar path and squat depth.

5 @ 75, 80, 85%

Today is the first day of Wendler. I had forgotten just how much I like having a structured program. I based weight on 1RM of 225# and completed sets @ 170, 180, & 190#. The last rep was a struggle – as it should be.

15 dead-lifts, 135#
15 ring pushups

This is a main site WOD. I knew it would be fast, but I didn’t realize it would be so challenging. I set what I thought was a realistic goal of completing unbroken reps and finishing in under 5 minutes. I did not achieve either goals.

I did complete rounds of dead-lifts unbroken, and 135# felt very, very heavy. I completed the first 3 rounds of ring pushups unbroken, round 4 in reps of 8 & 7, and the last round in reps of 8, 5, & 2. My time was 5:02.

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