Jeff is stronger than Paul.

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, 12 minutes of EMOTM completing 5 (160#) dead-lifts and 10 pull-ups or pushups did not make for a challenging WOD. I returned to the box before coaching the evening sessions and did some additional work. But first, yesterday’s metcon was quite challenging to most everyone else, and John was the only other person to complete as prescribed. Oh, and I continued to be impressed with the strength of Surmounties this soon into their fitness journeys. There was some heavy lifting going on yesterday.

I completed today’s programmed WOD. Well, sort of.

Establish 1RM

I pressed 115 and failed at 120#. My 1RM from more than a year ago is 125, so I’m quite pleased. I’m very much looking forward to gaining strength through following Wendler programming.

Clean & Jerk Ladder
Begin with a weight on the bar. EMOTM increase the weight by 5# until unable to complete clean and/or jerk, taking no more than 3 attempts to do so.

I began with 65 and worked up to 140, i.e., bodyweight. This was exhausting. It was also challenging to remove and/or add weights within the minute. I had originally planned on programming this for today, and I’m glad that I attempted myself before doing so. Too much work! I completed a mere 16 C&Js, and that was more than enough.

As mentioned, I coached the evening sessions. Many folks joined us at CFS after the 6:30 session for beer, soda, and juice, and Luke met Gracie (who may be his new girlfriend).

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy having Luke with me all day? Although he sometimes sniffs people inappropriately, for the most part he’s a very good boy. He most certainly enjoys all of the attention he receives.

Jeff and I arrived at CFS after 8 this morning, and I ran the shopvac over the entire area. So much pollen! Every surface is covered in pollen, and our new color scheme is black, blue, orange, and green.

No one attended the 8:45 session, and this may be because they were hung-over from last night’s festivities or they planned on attending a later session so as to attend the first “Second Saturday” session. As Jeff established his press 1RM, I rowed and worked on mobility. Jeff pressed 120#, 5# more than I did. He made sure to let me know, just as he did last night when he dead-lifted 325, once again 5# more than I did. He’s getting so very strong!

Even though I was feeling somewhat sore in the shoulder region, I joined him for the new and improved metcon.

Complete 50 ground to shoulder to overhead
Complete 5 burpees at the top of every minute
15-minute time cap

I had originally planned on lifting 75 or 85#. Uhm, as I told Jeff to lift 95# I thought it was only fair that I should do so as well.

Wow. This was brutal.

I recorded reps on a sheet of paper, counting up. I completed 7, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 3, 5, and 3 reps. Dammit. If only I had completed 5 instead of 4 reps a round as the time passed I would’ve been able to complete within 10 minutes. Jeff did! As much as I love burpees, it was challenging, as I knew it would be, to transition from burpees to lifts.

To make matters worse, I lifted the bar from shoulder overhead by completing push presses. It wasn’t until about the 8th or 9th round that I saw Jeff push jerking and I thought, “That’s a good idea!” Heal thyself? No, coach thyself. I didn’t do a very good job of coaching myself today. I finally yelled “Time!” at 10:45. Those last 3 clean & jerks nearly killed me. That’s 50 ground to shoulder to overhead and 55 burpees. I did manage to work continuously throughout the metcon, so that’s something.

Jeff kindly led the mobility session for both the 10 and Community WODs, and he did a spectacular job. (Thanks, Jeff!) I was once again impressed with the weights that athletes were pressing. I truly enjoy watching and individual go far beyond what she or he thought was possible.

After the Community WOD, I led the first in the CFS “Second Saturday” series. The afternoon of the second Saturday of each month will be dedicated to a special topic, and today’s session dealt with “Creating SMART Goals”. How did you like the session, folks? Your honest feedback is always very much appreciated.

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