I heart dead-lifting

Luke "coaching" Brittany and Mike
Luke “coaching” Brittany and Mike

Yesterday was a rest day; although I did coach endurance at CFBC and lead Foundations, part 2 at CFS. I don’t know that I’ll ever again get a true rest day. And, as I like to say, that’s okay!

Folks struggled with today’s WOD, and as they were doing so I thought, “Dammit, Paul, you should always try the WOD before programming. Keep a day ahead of the game.” Having now completed the WOD I realize that I most need to remind myself of is that Surmounties are working toward improving fitness, and that I must always post scaling options, e.g., fewer number of reps.

Establish 1RM

I’m starting all over again, so I’ve thrown away all previous 1RMs. I recorded all sets. I lifted singles @ 295, 310, 315, and 320, and failed at 325#. I just couldn’t get the bar off of the floor. I was also seeing stars after each and every heavy lift.

EMOTM for 12 minutes
5 dead-lifts @ 50% 1RM
10 pull-ups (odd numbered rounds)
10 pushups (even numbered rounds)

This may have been the easiest metcon I’ve completed to date. Again, I need to consider the fitness and strength levels of all athletes – and not just my own – when programming.

I completed rounds of pull-ups in 30, 28, 26, 28, 27, & 27 seconds and the rounds of pushups in 24, 21, 20, 21, 21, & 21 seconds. This allowed far too much time for me to rest. All rounds were done unbroken with little struggle. I didn’t even drop the bar after the 5th rep of dead-lifts.

I think I’m going to do tomorrow’s WOD later today. Yes? Yes.

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