Another exhausting and rewarding day! I love my job. I truly do.

I coached Rob and Mike @ 6, Steve and Brittany @ 7:15, and Emily @ 8:30. Mike jumped onto a box 41.5” high, and he made it look easy. Emily overcame her fear of the box jump. Steve consistently squatted below parallel for thrusters (but not for wall ball shots). What about Rob and Brittany, you ask? They are just plain awesome.

As no one attended the 11:45 session today, I completed the WOD I had programmed, although I programmed Abmat back extensions and sit-ups. It was tough. I did not, however, attempt a maximum height box jump, as I scraped my right leg on the box a few days ago and I still have scabs.

10 RFT
5 thrusters, 95#
10 GHD back extensions
5 wall balls, 20# & 10’ target
10 GHD sit-ups

Uhm, yeah, so my quads and glutes are still a little sore from yesterday’s WOD. I had to make myself complete this WOD. I feared that I would make excuses to not use 95# for thrusters, so I put 25# plates on the bar and did not attempt a single thruster, other than warming up with the bar, before the WOD began. I also didn’t set out a yoga mat or Abmat for back extensions or sit-ups, thereby eliminating the temptation to not use GHD machine.

My goal was to complete in less than 20 minutes. I did not set a goal to complete all activities unbroken, as I felt certain that I’d drop the medicine ball at least once and/or not be able to complete a set of back extensions or sit-ups.

Did I mention that this WOD was tough? I completed all sets of thrusters by completing a full squat clean, i.e., I didn’t power clean and then front squat. I was very pleased. In fact, thrusters went surprisingly well today. During the third or fourth set I noticed that I was going up on my toes, so I told myself to keep the weight in my heels. And I did.

I did complete all rounds of activities unbroken. I did, however, have to walk a short distance from GHD to wall ball and back. I needed the short rest!

I began the 10th round of sit-ups at 19:40, and really had to work hard to finish within my goal time. I did, with just 2 seconds to spare!

I don’t ever want to do that WOD again. Ever.

I coached the endurance WOD at CFBC tonight, and Stephanie, Einar, Sean, and Rob attended. They completed 4 reps of 400m, and I ran one rep with each of them. I did indeed feel like I worked out twice.

I coached the 6:30 session at CFS. I was once again impressed with the height of the box jumps. Glenda, Angie, John, Jeff, and quite a few others got PRs. My good friend Jay jumped 45” during the 5:30 session led by Kirk. Wow! His son Jacob jumped 42”. Wow, again!

I led part 1 of Foundations. While teaching the front squat I, well, lost my focus and taught the shoulder press. Huh? How did that even happen? How come I didn’t catch it? Jeff interrupted to let me know.

I’m tired. Night, night.

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